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Near or Far? Where to go for your next surfing holiday

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Near or Far? Where to go for your next surfing holiday

With so many options now on cheap transport and those far off ‘dreamy’ destinations becoming so much more accessible the world of surfing holidays is your oyster! So where do you go on your next surfing holiday and how do you decide?  We thought this would be a great to opportunity to talk about the benefits of travelling afar or staying closer to home when planning your next surfing adventure.

Less travel time so more surfing time! 
Everyone loves the sound of this!  Nothing better than hearing you will be spending less of your surfing holiday in airports and taxis and more time on the water doing what we really love!
Cheaper travel options
Living in the UK we are pretty lucky to have some world-class surfing destinations right on our doorstep!  So with more and more airlines adding frequent flights to their flight patterns you’re able to find some great deals for your surfing holidays.  Also, if you are someone who is conscious of your carbon footprint (or at least trying to be), trains are a great way to get around Europe!
Time differences
Jet lag can be the biggest b***ch when you are off on your surfing holiday.  This is why we love where we live!  The most time difference you’ll experience when travelling from your comfy bed at home to surfing the waves will be around 2 hours.   Barely any wave riding time will be lost through feeling sleepy and out of sync with the body clock, meaning you can make the most out of your surfing holiday!

Getting to Experience all the ‘News’
NEW Cultures, NEW Food, NEW Languages the list is endless….  For your next surfing holiday, ask yourself what do you want from your experience?  If you want your senses to be blown then maybe think about heading a little further afield.   With a whole variety of new cities and spots to explore, completely different cultures and languages, this type of surfing holiday will keep you on your toes for sure.  On the very odd occasion these days you will find some locals who do not speak English and communication is through hand gestures and copious amounts of smiles.  This can sound a bit overwhelming but it is the best feeling when those smiles spread and everyone leaves happy.
Secluded spots and perfect waves
Travelling further afield for your surfing holiday will get you the dream of secluded spots, mmmm…. Empty waves, no one constantly whistling or shouting you off waves…. Heaven!  Making friends or going with a local, friendly guide; if you are not in a surf camp with organised surfaris, is always the best way to explore the local spots and finding the best waves.  This eliminates a huge amount of stress for your surfing holiday meaning you can relax, chill out and just ride those perfect waves…..  What more could you want??

Delicious new foods!
There is nothing better than going on a surfing holiday and getting to try all the crazy, exotic food that is on offer.  Wandering through the local markets, seeing the vibrant colours of all the really interesting (but quite frankly scary) looking fruits that look like they should have a ‘Danger’ sign attached to them for fear of what’s inside (usually something stupendously yummy!!) is always a fun game!  This may be one of the greatest treats whilst on your surfing holiday, so eat, drink and be merry!
No Wetsuits (most of the time)!
The idea of no wetsuits on your surfing holiday sounds pretty idyllic, hey?!  We think so too… Not having to carry the extra weight, being able to surf without any restrictions, knowing you wont be getting extra tired from the paddling as chances are unless you have an organised boat charter to your delectable reef break, you might be paddling a little further than usual… so not having that wetsuit will feel like you are floating in air!

Food for thought for your next surfing holiday trip..  Check out our destinations here for your next surf trip.  Happy wave hunting!

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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