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5 Must Packs For Every Travelling Surfer

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5 Must Packs For Every Travelling Surfer

5 Must Packs For Every Travelling Surfer

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Hitting the road with your board under your arm, leaving behind the crappy UK weather and dreaming of scoring warm water waves is something every surfer aims to do.
What we’re pretty good at though is not planning properly – “have you got any wax”, “can I borrow your fin key”…pretty much every problem you’ve had whilst suiting up in a dreary, grey UK car park before a surf is made heaps harder to resolve when you’re in the ass end of nowhere, staring at glassy offshore perfection and frothing to get in the water!
So next time you’re packing for a surf trip – be it to Ireland, Morocco, Costa Rica or Indonesia make sure these 5 things are ticked off the list…it’ll make everything that much stressfree!
Surf Wax
It might seem like a stupidly simple addition but pack some wax, THE RIGHT TEMP WAX, and make sure you pack more than enough! If you’re off the beaten track it might be nigh on impossible – where as some places have to import it which costs money…so a simple £1 block of wax will cost you well over £5…and that’s not something you really want to deal with!
At the end of your trip if you have some left over break it up and dish it out to the local gross – they’ll be massively stoked on it!
Solarez (or similar)
I can’t count how many times this has bailed me out! A UV cure ding repair kit should be an essential for any surf trip. Airlines, roof racks, taxi driver, rocky shorelines….non of them play nice with your surfboards so it’s best to be prepared.
You dont want to go hunting around for a shaper or pay over the odds for a simply repair you can make yourself, especially when it can be hardened and ready to hit the water again in a matter of minutes!
Fin Key (x a couple!)
Fin keys are like freaking gold dust anywhere in the world – so pack a couple! You dont want to arrive, unpack your board and then spend the next few hours trying to find a key to get your fins in! And pack a couple too, we all know how rubbish they are and how easily the heads round off!
If you’re longboarding make sure you have the right screwdriver for your centre fin too!
Pipe lagging
Everyone has seen or had horror stories with airlines and you’re favourite stick. I once saw someone unpack a board in Morocco and it was literally snapped in two. Yeah that totally sucks for the due whose just landed on a surf trip – but he’d literally thrown in some clothes around his board and hoped for the best…so I was less inclined to feel sorry for him!
Pack that board well guys – head to your local DIY store and invest in some pipe lagging, crack it open and then run it down your rails, with some extra chunks for the nose and tail. Super simple, cheap and it’ll give your board that extra bit of protection it needs.
Spare Leash
As much as we all don’t like to think about it, leashes snap. You can also be sure that it’ll snap at the worst possible moment in the worse possible place.
The last thing you want to be doing after a hectic swim through a shore break to retrieve your board is realise that you don’t have a spare leash in the car…and that you’re half a days drive from the nearest surf shop.
So pack a spare…or even better a couple spares. And those fiddly bits that attach your leash to the board…yeah pack a few of those too!
As with all things in life, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. So next time you’re hurrying out the door to catch a plane take a couple minutes to make sure you have the essentials on board too – it could make all the difference!
Anything you always throw into your surf kit we should add to the list?

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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