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Surfing for beginners: 5 spots in Spain

Surf Guide Spain

Surfing for beginners: 5 spots in Spain

Spain offers many beautiful locations throughout the country for surfing, especially for beginning surfers. But where do you find the best place to go surfing as a beginner? In this article we give you the best spots in the North of Spain to learn how to surf. Some locations are not far apart which makes it ideal to go to different places. This way you not only learn how to surf, but you also get to know the North of Spain better!

Beginning surfers in San Sebastian

The first prime location for novice surfers in northern Spain is San Sebastian. This city is located in the romantic Basque Country region and is the capital of the Gipuzkoa province.

The excellent surfing conditions that the city offers are due to the open location of the ocean. This causes the waves to constantly roll against the beaches. Which surfers go into the water depends on the tide. The advanced surfers go into the water when there are tubes and barrels. For beginners it is advisable to go into the water when it gets to a low tide.

San Sebastian is not only known for surfing but it is also known as the most gastronomically dense place in the world. The city has the most Michelin stars per square meter in the world! An example of this is the popular snack Pintxos. If you are wondering what this is and where you can eat it, we have already found five excellent places for you!

It is also possible to learn to speak Spanish in addition to learning to surf. For more information click here.

Beginning surfers in Zarautz

Located twenty minutes from San Sebastian you can find the village Zarautz, which is also located in the province of Gipuzkoa. Because the city is situated between the mountains, sunny days are alternated with rainy days. This keeps it beautifully green in Zarautz and overgrown with plants.

What makes this a prime location for beginners is that the city is situated in a bay. This eliminates various currents which makes it easier to learn to surf for beginners! The bay is long and stretched with about three kilometers of beach breaks. Just like in San Sebastian, Pinxtos and tapas are a must-eat in this city!

Zarautz is a prime location for partying, eating and learning to surf. Learning to surf is possible at the Surfblend Surf Camp Zarautz.

Beginning surfers in Loredo

Loredo is located in the Spanish region of Cantabria. One of the most popular cities on the Cantabrian coast among travelers. The city offers one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in the region.

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The beach is approximately five kilometers long and offers good, high-quality waves. Because of the long coastline it offers different waves, this makes it an ideal place for both novice surfers and advanced skiers.

In Loredo there are different locations where you can stay and where they offer surfing lessons. Latas Surf House Loredo, for example, is the ideal place to meet international people and enjoy organized activities in addition to learning to surf.

Beginning surfers in San Vicente de la Barquera

San Vincente de la Barquera, also called Sanvi, is also located in the Cantanbria region. It is an old fishing village in the west of the region. This place is known for its beautiful beaches and green surroundings. It is located between the Oyambre Natural Park and the Picos de Europa National Park.

With the peaks of the Picos de Europa and a fantastic bay, San Vicente de la Barquera is a must visit to explore and learn how to surf. The best months to go surfing here are June, July, August and September.

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Beginning surfers in Oyambre

Next to San Vicente de la Barquera you will find the place Oyambre. The bay of Oyambre is large and surrounded by hills and a few farmhouses. It is always quiet here because this place is part of a national park.

The best place to surf on the Bay of Oyambre is at the west side of the bay. The more you go to the west side, the smaller and calmer the waves are. This makes it an ideal place for novice surfers and surfers that are more experienced.

As mentioned, the calm waves makes Oyambre the ideal place to learn how to surf. If you would like to learn that at this prime location, then Star Surf Camp Oyambre is the perfect place to do so!

Beach of Zarautz, photo by Surfblend Surf Camp Zarautz

Northern Spain offers many places for beginners to learn how to surf. Not only for surfing but also to learn the Spanish language. In addition, this region also offers many places to enjoy nature, people and of course, the delicious food, such as pintxos and tapas.

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