5 reasons to go on a Surf Trip to… South West France

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5 reasons to go on a Surf Trip to… South West France

Like most, j’adore miles of golden sand beaches, crack coffee, croissants, lunchtime beers and being surrounded by members of the opposite sex of whom all appear to be models. These are also apparently the hallmarks of France. It’s a beautiful place. But despite the obvious, here are five more reasons why France is a must visit for all surfers:
Aquitaine: This area is the holy grail of SW France, essentially one massive beach, the longest in Europe in fact, with over 140miles of golden sand. La Graviere is the most popular wave and for all the right reasons; you will get some of the best waves of your life and take some of the biggest batterings of your life. But there are amazing waves in the whole region and 140 miles leaves a lot to be explored…
Power: Did I mention that you’ll get battered? When swell travels for thousands of miles in deep water then hits a shallow sandbar this means mental wave power. So even when the report is saying 1m swell, you can get some perfect little pits.
Barrels: You will get incredibly barreled.
Walking: Not like some naked rambling type thing, but the beauty of SW France is once you arrive into Hossegor, which you no doubt will, the crowds will put you off, but all you have to do is look right at the vast amount of beach stretching as far as the horizon and go for a 15 minute walk and you be surfing empty peaks.
DSC_0010 2
Shorties: They look pretty whack but they are also the best wetsuit ever.
And that’s why you have to go to France.

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