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5 Ways To Gain Motivation For Fitness During Winter

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5 Ways To Gain Motivation For Fitness During Winter


It’s dark outside at 5pm, the maximum temperature today was 5 degrees celsius. I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. The seasonal chub has begun to show and you feel so sluggish, you kind of want to hibernate but you still have to show your face at the morning work meetings feeling slow and grumpy… something has got to change. So how can you motivate yourself to boost your energy and fitness levels and fill your day with an ultimate motivational high ? Let me inspire you.


Early to bed and Early to Rise
I am not a morning person myself at all and I struggle to wake up with the sun but there is something about waking up to see the sunrise that allows for a slow wake up, time to appreciate your morning cup of tea or even your outfit for the day. If you are into your yoga or want to get more into it, now is the perfect time to fit in a short yoga flow, or even a slow, short walk; get the endorphins flowing and start the day off feeling energised. The early start however requires an early bed time, in order to feel good and not burn out, making sure you have a decent night’s rest is key to a motivational routine.


Meal Plans
Eating well can improve your motivation. I struggle with always having healthy meals at hand and snacking. I blame working every hour under the sun but I’m sure there is a bunch of excuses everyone can use to justify the pack of sweets they have just devoured. We like convenience and when you are hungry, you want food then and there. You don’t want to visit the supermarket every day as that can get expensive, and buying fresh produce regularly can also burn a hole in your pocket. The idea of prepping food is something that I am putting in to place for my own improved motivation and energy levels. Spending a little time on your day off freezing a few meal ingredients and prepping a few lunch box fillers can really pay off. Get organised and you will see a difference in your eating habits and health.


Just Do Something
You come home from work and you sit on the sofa, you reach for the TV remote or your phone and that’s you done for the day. This is when you need to NOT take your shoes off, put your phone down and re-think how you are thinking. A lack of motivation can be caused by habit and if you just always go home after work and hit the ‘do nothing’ button, now is your chance to change this!
Active Ideas to get you moving:

  • Put on some layers and get out for a walk or jog
  • Find some inside fitness classes or even stream videos online
  • Go hang out with your friends and do something active e.g.. hire a badminton court for an hour / go for skate in a lit up place.


New Kicks
There is nothing like motivating yourself to exercise, or to be social, or to generally feel good than some new clothes. It doesn’t take much, just a new pair of socks can provide you with a good reason to give those trainers a run around.


Good Company
Sometimes it is hard to enjoy a solo run or a solo mission to the swimming pool. Get in touch with a friend and make your motivation and day get moving. By having plans set out with friends, your commitment to them will not let you back out. It is also way more fun and easier to enjoy keeping fit with friends, the time flies when you are having fun!

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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