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6 Must see surf Documentaries

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6 Must see surf Documentaries

It’s a weird time. Many people work from home and spend their free time indoors as well. You would probably rather prefer to be on a beach with your surfboard and surf. To give you that feeling, I have made an overview of 6 surf documentaries that you must have seen. In this way you can still enjoy “the surf life”. Enjoy the read and in case you’d like to learn more about us, feel free to have a quick look at

1. Andy Irons: Kissed by God

Our first must see surf documentary is Kissed by God – literally. Andry Irons, born July 24 in 1978, was an American professional surfer. In his career, he has won many titles. Andy has won three world titles, three Quiksilver Pro France titles, two Rip Curl Pro Search titles and 20 elite tournaments including four times the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. In addition, he also won the Billabong Pro Teahupoo. A real surf legend. In the film Andry Irons: Kissed by God, his life story is told including the ups and the downs.

2. Bustin’ Down The Door

A group of young surfers from South Africa and Australia turned the surf world in Hawaii upside down during the winter of 1975. Bustin’ Down the Door is our second must see surf documentary. The group sacrificed everything to create a culture and industry of surfing. The documentary Bustin’ Down the Door describes the rise of professional surfing in the 1970s and tells the story of the group of young surfers.

3. Distance Between Dreams

Surfer Ian Walsh is followed in the Distance Between Dreams for our third surf documentary that you must see. The film shows how the surfer prepares for the dangers of surfing a big wave. In this case, the huge waves of El Niño. Since the film is directed by Rob Bruce and produced in collaboration with Freeride Entertainment, other surfers can also be seen in the film and their story is also told.

4. Momentum Generation

Taylor Steele’s surf film, Momentum from 1992, brought together surfers Kelly Slater, Kalani Robb, Shane Dorian and Rob Machado. On Oahu, they spent their winters at Benji Weatherly’s home surfing the Pipeline and other infamous waves along the North Shore. After twenty-six years, surfers are brought back together to tell the story of the legendary winter in Hawaii that had changed the future of surfing forever.

5. Riding Giants

Riding Giants is a surf documentary directed by Stacy Peralta in 2004. Stacey is a famous skater and surfer. The film tells the origin of surfing. The art and dangers of surfing big waves are also discussed. When asking us, this great piece of art is inevitably part of our must see surf documentaries.

6. Under The Artic Sky

When surfing, you would think of sandy beaches, sun and good weather in first instance. But surfing is also possible in other places with extreme surfing conditions, for example Iceland. The surf documentary Under an Artic Sky tells the story of six brave surfers who go to the North coast of Iceland to surf in unprecedented circumstances. Curious what it is like to surf in completely different surfing conditions than you would initially expect? Then this surf documentary is a must see!

More must see surf documentaries

As a bonus, I also have a mini surf documentary of about 15 minutes long, ideal to watch during your work break. In the documentary “Code Red” the historical day in 2011, August 27th, is told through the eyes of two surfers. On this day, the Billabong Pro Tahiti event was put on hold by a “code red”. This didn’t stop surfers Laurie Towner and Dylan Longbottom from surfing some of the biggest and most dangerous waves ever. Much of this has been captured and never-before-seen footage is featured in this mini documentary.

Which surf documentaries have you already seen? Besides these documentaries there are also a lot of surf movies available on Netflix, to get an overview of our favorite ones click here.

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