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A Surf, Yoga and Music holiday in France: Star Surf Camps

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A Surf, Yoga and Music holiday in France: Star Surf Camps

IIt’s with great pleasure that we present you one of our closest and oldest partners, running a great surf camp in France (among other locations): Star Surf. A couple months back they wrote a story about us, introducing their partner SurfaWhile for which we are very proud. It’s already more than 4 years that we work together with Star Surf and we’ve improved – together – year by year. When looking for a great surf camp in France, this certainly is one of the camps to look out for.

One of the things we at Errant Surf like the most (our customers very much agree on this too) is the fact they combine the surfing-lifestyle (that is experienced throughout the camp) with a kind of festival-vibe. They do a great job of having these two go hand in hand. It’s very likely, when visiting one of their camps, that you will get to witness one or two concerts from upcoming European bands, together with the other guests over a beer, glass of wine or a nice cocktail.

A great surf camp in the South of France

Star Surf actually runs 2 surf camps which are located on the same camp-site in the beautiful Moliets. People that are looking for a more Deluxe surf camp in France, can choose the so-called Deluxe Surf Camp whereas people that would like to go for a more budget-friendly option while also meeting even more people, the regular Star Surf Camp would be a great fit to you.

Almost all guests, coming from all over, are very inexperienced surfers (or with no experience at all). Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen however that also more advanced surfers know how to make their way to one of the surf camps in France. Most people choose for either the 12h of surf lessons or go for the upgrade of 16h. The latter even includes a sunset surf-sesh, isn’t that all that’s life’s about?

Our personal relationship with the surf camp

We know the people in charge of Star Surf Camp very well ourselves. We’ve met several times and we maintain a close relationship – we even discuss things that are non-surf related. We are very much looking forward for another year to work together with Star Surf and in case you haven’t visited them yet, do not wait any longer. Your stay will be utterly amazing.


Co-founder of SurfaWhile, with a passion for travel, surf, cooking, salsa, football and meeting new and interesting people.

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