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Travel Guide Santa Teresa, Costa Rica: Activities

Travel Guide Costa Rica

Travel Guide Santa Teresa, Costa Rica: Activities

Santa Teresa is highly popular nowadays for surfers, and that’s not without a reason! We’ve written a separate article about surfing in and around Santa Teresa, this article rather focuses on the things you do when not surfing. Spoiler: that’s loads!

Activities at the Surf Camp

Your typical week at the surf camp in Santa Teresa will have a lot of surf in store for you. But there’s much more to do and this includes a number of collective activities with the entire camp (at least, the ones who are keen to join), such as the amazing volleybal tournament in the pool. There are also optional activities, which also can get pretty popular.

Once a week they organise a beach clean-up at one of the beaches and all the rubish collected is counted, with the camp even holding the total score of rubbish collected. This made me think back to the year of 2017, when we visited the Lapoint Camp in Portugal for the first time, where we also took part in a beach clean up in Ericeira. Furthermore, activities with the entire camp include a surf-movie night, a hell lot of chillings and the famous beerpong tournament.

Example of the activities during a week in the surf camp

Activities around Santa Teresa on land

Also here people are renting ATV’s or scooter the entire time. You won’t need it during your week, but in case you’d like to explore the area, it is a good option. Horseback riding at the beach, by sunset for example, is also a very popular activity and the staff at the camp can easily assist you in arranging this. Imagine yourself, cruising around the beach while the sun sets and the surfers having fun and showing what they can do.

Horseriding on the beach
Horses on the beach in Santa Teresa

Full-day activities

At the camp, they normally organise full-day activities on Friday (optional) which can include ziplining, a visit to the amazing Tortuga Island where the options are endless. You can opt for snorkling, swimming and there are jet ski’s for rent. Also the boat trip from the main land to this beautiful island, with beautiful white sandy beaches, is definitely worth it.

Other weeks activites can be offered to spots like wildlife parks or other sights which are well worth seeing. However, as you can see on the picture below, you do not have to leave Santa Teresa to find paradise!

Read on after the photo…

Santa Teresa beach
Santa Teresa beach

Evenings in Santa Teresa

The group from the camp will enjoy the dinner 5 nights at the surf camp itself. Twice a week an optional dinner-activity is being offered, where the guests are taken to a restaurant in Santa Teresa. This can be a great burger place, a restaurant with the best pizza’s, sushi or a local dish.

Normally, around 16:30 people start to depart to the beach, to either surf themselves or witness the great sunset surf session. As there are a number of beach bars, you can even enjoy the views with an amazing Costa Rican cocktail in your hand.

Sunset surf Santa Teresa
Sunset surf Santa Teresa


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