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How Aiken transformed a surf house into a unique experience

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How Aiken transformed a surf house into a unique experience

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At the beginning of October we visited the Lapoint Surf House in the beautiful Alentejo. This region of Portugal is known for the exceptionally high quality of life; the wine is good, the nature is beautiful and a large part of the coast is suitable for surfing. This quality is certainly reflected in the home of Lapoint. To experience this for ourselves, we visited Aiken. Aiken is – together with Bruno – the manager of the house and told us what makes this surf house so much more than a normal surf house.

Het prachtige surf house in Alentejo

Quality at the forefront at Lapoint in Alentejo

The house is large, with a spacious piece of land and a beautiful swimming pool. Yet the house offers space for only 20 people. This has everything to do with the quality that Aiken and Bruno want to guarantee. For these Alentejano’s (both from Alentejo), the experience of the guests is the most important thing. We were told how they can make this experience as ultimate as possible in everything that takes place. The 2 social hosts also play a role in this process.

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In addition to the activities, including surfing lessons, good quality meals are also paramount importance. These are prepared by Luíza, a local with many years of cooking experience. All meals are freshly prepared, using as many local products as possible. Alentejo is known as an area for outstanding gastronomy as a region and this accommodation certainly comes in its own.

The beautiful surf house

Activities in Lapoint Alentejo

Bruno told us about the different activities that guests can do. A special teacher is available for yoga and it is also possible to book a massage. For this a special masseur comes to ensure that everyone could be helped as well as possible (whether it is about relaxation or the relief of aches and pains ).

Lapoint Alentjejo

Yoga and massages are of course offered in several places in Portugal. This also applies to the visit to a nearby vineyard. However, Alentejo is a very good wine region and based on the extensive knowledge of Bruno and Aiken, only the best vineyards are visited. “” Offering guests the very best of what Portugal has to offer, that’s what it’s all about. We know that these activities often have a slightly higher price tag than regular ‘massages or a visit to a vineyard’, but the guests are very happy with that. We really ensure that they get the best possible experience “,” says Aiken.

Vers bereide, lokale maaltijden

100% chance of seeing dolphins

Aiken has someone within his network who has a desk that organizes trips to spot dolphins. Here they promise a 100% guarantee on seeing dolphins. For this organization the welfare of the dolphins – who live in the wild – is the most important and that is certainly not a stake with this form of tourism.

Horse riding on the beach is another top activity. If the beaches are too busy, a forest is selected, which is certainly not wrong. The pictures that these excursions always deliver as an absolute highlight for many of the guests.

Dít is nog eens paardrijden

Lapoint Alentejo

The surf house in Alentejo is small-scale, which gives the staff the opportunity to deliver service that is really great. Nobody here is a ‘number’, the approach is very personal at all times. Would you also like to try this out? Then immediately check the Lapoint Surf House in Alentejo for more information, prices and dates for 2020.

Olmo & Aiken bij de wine cellar

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