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Andreas’ stories about working at Camp Moinhos in SurfVillage Ericeira

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Andreas’ stories about working at Camp Moinhos in SurfVillage Ericeira

Dear Andreas, you work at Camp Moinhos, how did you end up here?

Well that is actually quite a special story. After studying, I had a part time contract at a company in Norway. I liked this job, but still I knew that I wanted something different. That is why I started thinking and realised I wanted to do something I really love.

Coincidentally there was an opening here at the surf camp, and as surfing is one of my great passions, I was very excited for the job. After I applied, which was a pretty spontaneous decision, I got a Skype-interview the next day, and the following day I was informed I was being hired. The day after that, a Friday, I quitted my part time job and on Sunday, I took the plane to Portugal to start this new journey. I am here now for 6 weeks.

What is your plan?

I will finish the season here, until November. After that, I might be offered a contract to work in another surf camp, for example Morocco or Costa Rica. If not, I might just try to find a new job back in Bergen, Norway.

the stunning coast of Ericeira

What do you like most working here?

Surfing! I really love surfing and while working, there are sufficient opportunities to go surfing. I work together with Albert and we both love surfing. Therefore we try to plan our shifts, so that one works and the other one can go surfing. During trips (if other staff members take the shift) we can sometimes even go surfing together,  

 I feel very lucky I got this job, as it is absolutely amazing! Furthermore, just being here in Portugal, sleeping in the great villa and eating nice food every day is truly amazing!

Another great thing of working here is meeting people from all over the world. Many times it does not even feel like working, more like hanging out with your friends. I can play ping pong or volleyball with them, and we go surfing together as well. Seeing so many different people is really nice and because the camp is quite small, I get to know a lot of people quite well. I made quite some new good friends. And in the end, everyone has the same interest; surfing, skating, chilling, party and meeting new people. And it’s great I can be part of that!


Co-founder of SurfaWhile, with a passion for travel, surf, cooking, salsa, football and meeting new and interesting people.

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