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Another Bali Blog…

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Another Bali Blog…

First things first my name is Laura Crane, 20 year old surfer / model from England now living in Portugal and most other Continents around the world surfing and modeling and generally having a rad old time. The lovely folk at Errant Surf have let me use their blog to write down my adventures, so here’s part one… Welcome to Bali.
After a crazy month in January shooting and filming a T.V commercial it was a huge relief to jump on a plane out of the cold and head to perfect waves and sunshine.
I flew from London to China, which was cool totally different to anywhere that I had ever been before as nobody spoke any English at all but it wasn’t an issue as I was only there for 40 mins. Next stop was Bangkok in Thailand where I was met by a driver who wizzed me to the other airport about a hour away, where I had a 6 hour wait. When I finally boarded my last flight to Bali I was totally shattered, as always the last flight feels like a life time because you just want to get there so badly but when I did land in Bali the mid day heat hit me like a ton of bricks. I wasn’t complaining though.
As I landed my plan was to go to the villa put my stuff down and head straight for a surf but after travelling for 24 hours when I arrived  there was no chance, I laid on the bed for about 30 seconds and I was gone, slept for 5 hours and missed surfing hahah
The next day I woke up and was greeted by one of those awesome plane / Bali AC colds so headed straight to my favourite Bali breakfast spot the Shelter to try get some energy. From there I went to get a cheeky manicure and pedicure with my favourite surf chick Ivy Miller. Thats the way it goes for us surfer girls. Then I jumped on a boat and headed to the paradise island of Lembongan with friend and photographer Petra. When we arrived at the villa we were staying in I knew it was going to be an awesome trip, it was like being on MTV cribs.
I woke up to the most amazing view imaginable then headed for an awesome breakfast. Next it was time to finally head to the water and I couldn’t explain in words how excited I was to surf. I was greeted by super fun waves which was just what I needed after a few too many months in Europe. The chart looks good so check the blog next week for more Bali surfing goodness and I hope you enjoy the video below.
Ciao Errant Surfers x

Laura Surf 2

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