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Are Vaccine Passports the future of travel?

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Are Vaccine Passports the future of travel?

In future, some countries are likely to require proof of vaccination to allow entry.” The (European) vaccine passport is a hot topic but still uncertain. And what will happen to the UK, that’s no longer part of the EU also is still unknown.

However several countries, including Sweden, Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany, among others, are speaking about these options at the moment. The Danes already even have created an application that could potentially serve to prove they [vaccined people] are at lower risk of getting or transmitting the virus. The UK (see article) is also considering to make it part of the yet existing app of the NHS.

This story is surely to be continued, let’s hope it will ease up. Have a look at our other article on travel opening up again after May 17th, for the UK.

Source: BBC article on Vaccine Passports


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