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Become a Surf Instructor in Morocco

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Become a Surf Instructor in Morocco

Become a Surf Instructor in Morocco
We’ve come up with the perfect mini-gap or career break experience to improve your surfing and give you the qualification to become a BSA Level 1 surf instructor! What’s more is that it all happens in the sun spoilt coastline of south Morocco, in the perfectly located surf town of Taghazout just north of Agadir.
The outline for the course is a 2 week intensive performance course to improve your surfing and ensure you’re up to the challenge. After the 2 weeks you’ll be assessed by one of the most reputable and experienced British Surfing Association surf coaches the UK has to offer.
Week One – Start 15th February 2010 – 4th March 2010

Each morning will start with a sunrise morning exercise session. Techniques for stretching, stamina improvement and muscle building will all be covered as will the importance of a good warm up before any surfing.
After a quick dip in the ocean in front of the Surf Villa, breakfast will be served. Fresh orange juice, coffee, cereals, croissants, fruits, bread and spreads are on the menu as you re-fuel on our roof terrace ready for a day’s surf.
Come 9:30, you’ll leave the camp and the morning lessons begin. The basics of surfing will be briefly re-visited to ensure everyone is one the same page and bad habits will be wheedled out and quashed. After this brief revision the instructor will take you through a variety of areas including the theory of a wave, wave choice, riding along the wave, turning left and right, techniques for paddling out in larger swell and how to deal with different breaks. Lunch is served at the beach.
The afternoon is used to practice the morning’s lesson. There will be time for one-on-one sessions, extra tips, video analysis and time in the water with the instructor to see how the pros do it!
Back to the Villa around 5:30pm for a bit of down time to explore the town, chill out, or go for an evening session at Hash Point – right in front of the villa!
A hearty Moroccan dinner is served with the days video analysis being played with the instructor taking you through your footage. There really isn’t anything better for your surfing than to see exactly what your doing wrong and someone telling you how to improve there and then.
Week Two

Time for a little surfari! A trip down south is on the cards. The unspoilt, undiscovered and un-crowded breaks of Tifnit, Sidi Bibi or Mirleft are perfect to practice, practice and practice again what’s been covered in the previous weeks lessons. Again video analysis is used for instruction.
Back to Taghazout on the third day for a well deserved rest. Go and visit the Souks in Agadir, see the water falls at Paradise Valley, have a massage, do some yoga, ride a camel, or a quad bike! The possibilities are endless. Or – surf some more!
The last couple of days of the week will be spent in Immsoune – the beautiful little fishing village about 90km north. Perfect right hand mellow breaks and the big wave spot Cathedrals should be ideal to bring everything that’s been learnt in the course of the 2 weeks ready for the assessment.
What’s the cost and what does it get me?
£1000 for the Performance course.
This includes:

  • Bunk Bed
  • Breakfast every morning
  • 13 days Surf Instruction and Surf Guiding.
  • Video analysis
  • Full kit hire for your entire stay, day or night
  • Lunch everyday
  • Gourmet evening dinners
  • Agadir Airport Transfers
  • 15% off any Errant NARS Beach Lifeguard Course

Doesn’t include:

  • Flights to Agadir
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Assessment fee from external BSA examiner (£300 supplement)

To book call us on 02032 873330 or e-mail us.

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0 thoughts on “Become a Surf Instructor in Morocco

  1. Hey, what dates is this available? I presume its up there somewhere but are there going to be a number of sessions throughout the year? Thanks

  2. Second half of Feb – 15th – 28th and then the first 4 days of March for the assessment. There's only one planed so far this year!

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