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Become a Surf Instructor

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Become a Surf Instructor

Become a Surf Instructor with Ticket to Ride

So often when we speak to our Errant Surf Holiday makers after they have returned from their surf holiday, we hear them say the same thing. “Great trip, just wish it would have been longer.” As if 2 weeks surfing in the Maldives isn’t long enough… Of course it isn’t, the biggest problem with surfing is that no matter how many waves you get, you always want just one more.
A holiday is by it’s very nature is only a holiday  if it serves as a break from the normal routine and a surf holiday is certainly no exception to this rule. However, there are plenty of people out there talking to us about finding something more than simply the next surf holiday in France, Portugal or Indonesia.
In the summer we became part of the Ticket to Ride Group. An organisation that was started up in 2005 to provide Gap Year Surfing Adventures that combine the opportunity to become a fully qualified surf instructor with the chance to put something back into the local community by helping out with youth development programs in local townships. Today the TTR Group has grown it’s reach and expertise to include Ski and Snowboard instructor courses as well as Ski Chalet Holidays in the French Alps.
As we explained in the aftermath of our take over, being part of wider network both here as well as overseas has given us time to focus on what we know and that is organising inspirational surf holidays to world’s best and most suitable surfing destinations.
Learning to surf is often  a key ingredient to what makes an Errant surf holiday so memorable for so many of our surf travellers. Ticket to Ride have for a long time offered something completely different to us, especially when it comes to their surf instructor courses in South Africa.

Your very own Ticket to Ride….

The Ticket to Ride South Africa crew at the the end of a 10 week surf course
The Ticket to Ride South Africa crew at the the end of a 10 week surf course

If you are looking to turn your love for surfing into a lifestyle that pays, you would do well to check out what a Ticket to Ride course could do for you. Their flagship course is a 10 week ‘zero-hero’ type program. Surfers of all levels land in Cape Town on the same date (Next trip 24 January 2013) over the course 10 weeks the ticket to ride bus makes its way around 8 unique locations along the souther coast of Africa all the way up to Durban. Notable surf stops include the world famous Garden Route as well asJeffreys Bay (home to the world best wave).
The TTRide South Africa trip also stop in and spends 2 weeks in Coffee Bay,  in the heart of the remote and rural Transkie area. Having been encouraged, coached and filmed through the duration of the trip by some of the world’s most experienced and qualified surf instructors, Ticket to “Riders” have the chance to take their level 1 surf instructor qualification, this award is run and sanctioned by the ISA (International Surfing Federation) and qualifies you to work as a surf instructor anywhere in the world.
What is more, the Ticket to Ride group have 2 surf schools of its own one being it’s flagship Ticket to Ride Surf School in Perranporth and the other being the Errant Surf School inn Newquay. Those looking for work as a surf instructor in Cornwall have the chance to complete their ISA coaching hours at one of the TTR Group’s surf schools and then apply for a job with them for the rest of the summer season. This has now become a familiar passage for some of the UK’s most senior surf school managers.

Overlooking the Surf in Coffee Bay
Overlooking the Surf in Coffee Bay

Being a leading surf travel provider we are also plugged into the global surf school network and have already helped a good number of Ticket to Ride Graduates find their way into jobs  surf camps and schools throughout the world. Over the last 8 years, Ticket to Ride courses seem to mass produce well mannered, knowledge and most importantly smiley surf instructors, making it super easy for other Ticket to Ride to follow on and find a job at the end of their course.
Whilst Ticket to Ride employ their own team of surf advisors and experts both on the ground as well as in the head office, we do sit 5 metres away from their head of recruitment and 2 of our team actually went on a Ticket to Ride surfing adventure themselves, so do give us a call if you would like to find out more about what it is like to be on a surf course with Ticket to Ride. If there is anything we can’t answer, we will transfer you direct to one of their experts.

Ticket to Ride Trip Lead Klee Strachan showing his group how it's done
Ticket to Ride Trip Lead Klee Strachan showing his group how it’s done

Currently Ticket to Ride have an course up in Mozambique. Their next trip lands in Cape Town 24  January – find out more about Ticket to Ride Surf Instructor courses here!
Check Out Videos from Ticket to Ride Courses Here
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