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Best Autumn Euro Surf Trips

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Best Autumn Euro Surf Trips

The sun is starting to set a minute earlier every day, this means that post work surfs are soon to be a distant memory and most off us will become weekend warriors. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as our European neighbours come to life at this time of year, complimented by enjoyable temperatures, classic sunsets, chilled vibes and the kids have gone back to school so flights are cheap, meaning it’s time to send yourself an Autumn surf trip and here are our top five:
Hossegor, France
Love it or hate it, France is the number one choice for thousands of surf seekers every September, or completely avoided with a silent smugness from not dropping €8 on three quarters of a pint of Kronebourg.
Whether you’re a full beginner or a total shredder, our advice would be to get a few friends together, book a self catering somewhere close to the beach, go to the beach with all your gear every morning and spend the day at the same spot. This is because the beach is essentially hundreds of miles long and you’ll go out of your mind trying to find the perfect peak, when they change through the tide throughout the day anyway. Hire bikes to cruise to the skateparks, town, bridge to go jumping etc and get a crate of stubbies to enjoy with the daily sunset. Your wallet and head will thank you the next day.
Self catering apartments in Seignosse from £502 for the week, sleeps 4 PAX.
Ericiera, Portugal
You’ve probably heard of the World Famous Supertubes, but it’s not all about Peniche, Ericeira an hour down the coast offers a staggering variety of waves, crammed into just a few kilometres of said coast.
Ericiera is actually like no other place, it can’t be imitated. Just a quick look at the map and you’ll see what I mean. The waves in this area takes on whatever the Atlantic hurls at them and are complimented by perfect geology, with rivers sculpting the sandbars on beaches and cliffs exposing slabs; you have a surfer’s paradise in West Portugal. The food (sardines are a National treasure) is great, the coffee strong and cheap and the vibes good.
Stay at the Chill Surf Camp in Ericiera for a week in October from £312pp:
Errant Spain-03474-XL
Santander, Spain
Ok, not exactly Santander but if I said Loredo, or Playa de Somo, you would be like “Que?”. You fly into Santander, which faces the small surf town of Somo and is only a 15min drive from the airport (or ferryport if you’ve gone for the full Euro trip experience).
The thing what makes Somo so great in Autumn is it’s quiet. This isn’t because it’s an off-the-beaten-track surf destination, to the contrary, it’s heaving in August but in October the town literally shuts down. It’s like Newquay out of season in the 80’s, a ghost town. This combined with the traditionally lazy locals whose idea of a dawnie is a 10am surf and a vast 3 mile beach with several peaks through all tides and you’re gonna score waves. The wine and Pinchos (large tapas) in the region is also World-class.
Stay at the Latas Surf House for a week in October from £275pp:
Due to the array of World-class waves, surfing in the Canary Islands centres around Lanzarote. But not all of us want horrifying slabs filled with terrifying locals and Fuerteventura is home to far more sandy beaches than the other Canary islands.
The name of the island literally means strong wind, so expect this as part of the deal, but the wind doesn’t usually pick up until 11am / midday and is strongest in the Summer months. So if you’re going for a proper surf trip and aren’t shy to get up early and make the most of your day as opposed to a boozy relaxing week, you’ll love it.
Most surfers stay in Corralejo because of the plentiful amenities, cheap lodges and close proximity to all the waves on the North, East and West Coast. The North being the cream of the crop, packed with exposed reefs that pick up all the swells with waves ranging from mental (The Bubble) to super fun (El Cotillo). The West is barren and feels sketchy as the breaks, which are mainly reef, are prone to heavy rip currents. In contrast the East is home to miles of mellow beaches, favoured by beginners.
Our top pick would be to do a boat trip where you sleep in the channel of Los Lobos, guaranteeing you to be the first in the lineup every morning. £492pp:
Morroco may not actually be a Eurotrip, situated in the northern tip of Africa, but it has long been a mecca for Euro surfers – far enough away for a proper holiday, but close enough to home that the flights don’t smash the budget.
It geographically lies opposite the Canary Islands, yet doesn’t suffer from the heavy wind, meaning the climate is much more favorable than anywhere in Europe. Although it’s roasting hot all year round, Autumn is the start of the swell season, meaning less crowds, which doesn’t really matter anyway as Morocco is one of the most surf blessed stretches of coastline on the planet. Whatever level of surfer you are there’s something for you and if one break is looking busy, you’re sure to find a quiet peeling right hander 5 mins away.
The easiest place to stay is Taghazout as accommodation is cheap and plentiful, it’s 30mins from Agadir Airport and within 10 minute driving radius you’ll find upwards of 20 spots – from the perfect reef break Boilers and the infamous Anchor Point to the learner beaches of Crocs and the longboard friendly Banana Beach.
Admittedly it’s not Europe but is close enough to jump on a flight last minute, yet exotic enough to tick the criteria for your yearly holiday. Spend a week at the Taghazout Surf Camp for £295pp:
Obviously there are hundreds of other awesome places to go this Autumn, have we missed anywhere off the list?

Hans van Mourik

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