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Best Surfspots In Winter

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Best Surfspots In Winter

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Unfortunately, the holiday season is coming to an end. However, we at SurfaWhile aren’t quite ready to hang up our wetsuits quite yet. Here’s a nice list of places to escape the rainy winter’s of the Netherlands. The fall presents a whole new surfing holiday experience,

Surfing in the Winter

The word on the waves is that winter is the best time to brave the waves. This is because of the increased wave sizes due to the cold temperatures, higher wind speed’s and changing tidal patterns. Plus its a really good excuse for a holiday.

Surfing in Morocco

The best time to surf in this magical place is in winter. Sometimes it can get too hot in the summer months, therefore burning is a serious issue. In winter, the waves are big and balmy. However you will not be the only ones as the winter has become synonymous with surfers descending on the region.

Surf in Taghazout

Surfing in Taghazout

Too the south of Morocco lies the surfing capital of the country; Taghazout. The town was originally a quiet fishing village that has grown into a lively surfing town. There are a bountiful selection of spots t choose from each with a distinctive charm and creative character. Surf houses, hostels, cosy bars and local food vendors line the ramshackle streets of the town.

The temperature is perfect in the winter especially as the Moroccan lifestyle values spending time outside. Wandering markets and afternoon surfing is the typical itinerary in Taghazout. The waves can get rather large and therefore should not be attempted without the presence of a lifeguard. However, watching the professionals attempt it is a whole days activity in itself. Beginners spots can be found in abundance.  Check out more about surfing in Taghazout.

Surfing in the Canary Islands

A warm climate and good waves all year round make the Canary Islands a popular winter surfing destination. The most famous islands for surfing are Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. However, today we focus on Fuerteventura also known as the Hawaii of Europe, and by no means is that misleading.

Surfing at Fuerteventura

This region stays at summer temperatures throughout the winter, sticking to around 18 degrees. The best waves can be found arount the Corralejo region. For beginners, El Cotillo is the most favoured spot. This is because of the relatively calmer waters that can be found here in comparison to that at Corralejo. El Cotillo offers perhaps the most beautiful backdrop to surf too with an untouched natural landscape bordering the beach. Fuerteventura (Corralejo in particular) is an amazing spot for Spanish and surf courses.

Surfers in Fuerteventura 

Surfing at Tenerife

The beautiful island of Tenerife (just 25 min. on a plane from Fuerteventura) also has great weather and circumstances for surfing whole year round. Besides all the nature and typical Spanish lifestyle, the island is also a beautiful place to learn Spanish and surfing.

There are plenty of options for Surf holidays in the winter months. These are only a few of the great options on offer. We also recommend you take a look at this surf house in Portugal as they have a long summer season and warmer weathers. But this is only for the very brave surfers out there, luckily they have proper wetsuits!

Thanks for reading and we hope you have a great surf this winter!

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