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Big things brewing in Taghazout

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Big things brewing in Taghazout

If you’re a surfer in Europe then you’ve heard of Taghazout, a gem in Northern Africa that’s surrounded by point break perfection!
There’s now a new development taking place by the name of ‘Taghazout Bay’ and it’s led to some seriously good set ups to base yourself for your surf trip. The idea has come from the Moroccan Tourism Board with heavy influence from the Royal Family of Morocco.
The newest and first site to rise up out of all of this is a place called ‘Sol House Taghazout’. We were lucky enough to be invited to suss it out by the Tourism Board and the product and set up didn’t disappoint! The resort is based upon modern private lodge rooms that are all within minutes of the beach and all the facilities you need on your holiday.You can see they’ve made a real effort to cater for everything here from travelling with friends to getting as much surfing in as possible or if you’re away with the family and you want to make sure they’re happy while you’re scoring the waves of your life. Accommodation wise they have everything from triple bed rooms if you’re on a tighter budget all the way up to 4 bedroom lodges that can cater for multiple families.
When it comes to the Surf Academy, no expense has been spared here. If you’re heading out to Morocco to catch your first waves you have a playful beach break right out front with transport to a variety of waves and you’ll be coached by extremely friendly fully qualified ISA surf instructors. For those of you that are a little more advanced you have the point break Panoramas a 5min walk up the beach as well as access to some of longest right hand point breaks to feast your eyes on.
We all know that travelling with boards can be a nightmare with the nervous bag opening upon arrival fearing the worst that your boards are in terrible state.. Well fear not as Sol House has one of the best board selections we’ve ever seen. From cruisey longboards, playful twin fins to performance shortboards, the board room has it all! They also have the largest selection of stand up paddle boards in Morocco and even small sailing boats if the surf’s flat.
Aside from the surfing side of things they have a fully equipped yoga studio overlooking the Atlantic, 24/7 gym and a swimming pool with full bar which is a rarity as Taghazout is a ‘dry town’.
It’s coming into prime surf season now in Morocco, get online get your flights booked and get yourself to Sol House Taghazout and you won’t be disappointed!

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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