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Why You Should Book A Surf Holiday

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Why You Should Book A Surf Holiday

Why not try something new this summer? Keen to learn a new skill? Why not book yourself an epic surf holiday this summer and make 2019 your best year yet?!
This blog is just a few reasons why we think a surf holiday should be on your to-do list.
You be will a happier person.
Most people return from their holiday tanned and relaxed (hopefully) but also often feeling as if they have overindulged, however with a surfing holiday you do not need to worry about what you are eating and drinking as you will be exercising more than ever. This not only makes for an awesome holiday learning a new skill but you will return feeling energized, happy, tanned and with a new hobby.
The main factor however for choosing a surf holiday over a regular trip is that surfing is good for your soul. Spending so much time in the ocean and on the beach will make anyone happier! Surfing holidays offer a feeling like no other, the feeling of popping up for the first time and riding a wave is the most exhilarating but peaceful feeling of all time and I promise will leave you hungry for more.

Anyone can join in!
Old, young, newbie, pro or anything in between there is a surf holiday for everyone! Most of our awesome partners here at Errant offer surf lessons for complete beginners right through to pro level and cover all ages.
As a complete beginner, you will be in lessons with other beginners, taken into the water no deeper than your waist depth and encouraged to go at your own pace and we promise you will be standing on your board in no time.
Families, groups or solo travellers are all welcome
The beauty of surf holidays is that they are inclusive for all types of traveller and surfer and here at Errant we have some awesome destinations all over the world offering a variety of different options depending on your needs. Surf houses are always known for being communal and fun places so whether you are travelling solo or with a bunch of mates, you will have an awesome time.
Recently family-friendly surf camps have really taken off and we have some great partners both in Europe and further afield that offer something for each member of the family. With lessons catered for both children and adults and a variety of accommodation, everyone will have a great time. Portugal especially is a great family surfing holiday option. The west coast picks up all of the swell that the Atlantic Ocean throws at it, which in the Summer is usually small, meaning a great family Summer holiday and the south coast has a Mediterranean feel, staying warm all year round, making for a cost-effective family-friendly Winter escape.

It is something different
Depending on the type of person you are, what you look for in a holiday can be extremely varied, but if you are looking for some a bit different and a holiday where you will not only have fun, experience a new culture but also pick up a new hobby then a surf holiday might just be for you!
Not your typical relaxing by the pool holiday, a surf trip is so much more! Not only will you be spending your days in the ocean having an awesome time but you will meet some great new people, see beautiful parts of the world and even have some relaxing downtime. Trust us once you have booked your first surf holiday you will definitely be back for me!
For more information about some of the awesome surf destinations we offer or to book your next surf holiday please contact us at

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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