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Why book a surfing holiday over a 'normal' holiday?

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Why book a surfing holiday over a 'normal' holiday?

There are countless reasons to book a surfing holiday over a regular chill out on the beach type holiday, but here are four solid reasons why surfing holidays are the bees knees:
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It will make you happy!

Most people come back from regular holidays relaxed with a great tan, but feeling like they’ve overindulged and that can add to the post-holiday blues. On surfing holiday you can eat and drink whatever you want and really cherish those moments of lounging on the beach, as you will be exercising more than ever partaking in your new found hobby, yet having more fun that you could ever imagine. This makes for a very happy, guilt-free holiday and you’ll returning home fitter, more energized yet relaxed and with that killer tan.
But the main factor to choose a surfing holiday over a regular holiday is because it will make you happy to your soul. The rhythmic movement of paddling, this repetitive motion when partaken with pure focus is meditative. The physical paddling and surfing itself is about sensation and feeling, how your body feels on the board, how you feel floating on the water, the gliding into the wave and visualisation of riding down the line. It’s all very sensitive and will bring you closer to nature, yourself and happy in a natural wholesome way.
The beers also always taste better after 4 hours surfing…

A surfing holiday can be enjoyed by anyone!

You may have seen surfing somewhere, wanted to give it a try but don’t have a clue where to start, so booking through Errant Surf we make this fantasy accessible and offer honest, helpful advice, tailoring the perfect hassle-free holiday for you.
You don’t even have to be able to swim, to learn to surf. As a complete beginner, you will be with other beginners in the same boat, taken into the water no deeper than waist depth and encouraged to push yourself at a pace that suits you. A lot of the surf camps we work guarantee that they will get you standing up on a wave, they are that confident!

Beginners, families and solo travelers welcome

You don’t have to be a pro surfer to go on a surfing holiday and there are plenty of destinations suitable for beginners, but Sri Lanka is possibly the best beginner surf holiday destination in the World. The intensity of the waves is perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers, they rarely reach above 6ft high and there are plenty of beaches to learn on. Combine this with the jungle-fringed beaches and tropical temperature and it’s hard to beat.
In Europe Portugal is a great family surfing holiday option, as there are plenty of accommodation options and approximately 1800km coast with beaches everywhere. The west coast picks up all of the swell that the Atlantic Ocean throws at it, which in the Summer is usually small, meaning a great family Summer holiday and the south coast has a mediterranean feel, staying warm all year round, making for a cost-effective family-friendly Winter escape.
The Algarve region of Portugal is also great for solo travelers as the vibes are fun, friendly and safe. Further afield, Costa Rica is the safest country in Central America and possibly the most beautiful place on earth, so this is also popular.

You will get it

Surfing is a selfish sport, in which every person progresses at their own rate, but as long as you listen to the instructor you will make progress and most people will be standing up after just a couple of lessons. The more time you spend in the water, the better you will get, so a calendar crunching 6 week trip to Indonesia will turn a surfing zero into a hero guaranteed, but if you’ve only got a week spare, make sure your package includes as many surf lessons as possible and you’ll come back stoked!

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