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What to buy a surfer for Christmas?

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What to buy a surfer for Christmas?

I am a thirty year old surfer, thus too old to write a Christmas list to pass onto my girlfriend. I can however write one under an alias and I present to you the Errant Surf 2014 Christmas Gift Guide*.
We will use this list to shamelessly try and sell a few affordable surfing holidays of course, but surfing partners do have a tricky job when buying presents for their sea-loving Ottermen. Passionate surfers are a pain in the arse to please, especially after years of continuous investment in the sport. However, the surf industry keeps evolving, fads come and go, but year after year there are staple things on every surfers wish list. So to make your life easier, take a look at this selection of gifts and Jas if you’re reading, here you go:
*The Errant Surf 2014 Christmas Gift Guide has been written from a male surfers perspective, but if you are the partner/ friend/parent/child of a female surfer, I’m pretty sure most gifts would be appreciated by a girl.
couple_surfingBook a Surfing Holiday for you both. Went straight in with the big one. How good is that feeling knowing you’ve booked a holiday, you look forward to it for months/weeks, can barely contain your excitement on the plane and then ‘ave it for a couple of weeks. But thanks to Errant it really isn’t that big a deal to sort out. You can book a surfing holiday with a 20% deposit, present it as an incredible gift to your partner which you too are also benefitting from and then pay the rest off over the year. So let’s say you like the idea of our surf and yoga trip to Spain in May. Two of you in a private room would cost  £598, with all these extras. That’s a £120 deposit.
Summer Wetsuit. Chances are your partner has probably surfed his Summer suit to death and isn’t prepared enough to fork out for a new one right now with Summer seeming so far away, so you would be an absolute hero if you bought this sick C-Skins Summer Suit, which is less than £100 on MSW (it will be £150 when he comes round to buying himself one).
bootC Skins Boots. Again, something we use to death, rarely buy because we kid ourselves that we won’t need them that much. But we do, so take the pain away from us buying these ourselves. These ones sound good, look nice and are under £50.
Surfplugs. Because blue tack is so 90’s and these bad boys are custom made and the real deal. Around £80.
wl_subSurf Magazine subscription. Having a magazine subscription is the coolest thing ever. When the postman drops through a shiny new mag amongst all your bills and credit card offers it will 100% put a smile on your face. It’s also extremely cheap, with this Wavelength subscription less than £50 per year.
Robie. This is the sort of thing that is whack until you own one and then they are amazing. It will get used twice as much as their wetsuit (think about it) so at £50, with a built in waterproof hood, it’s well worth it’s money.
dvdDVD’s. Having some surf DVD’s to get you amped for 2ft UK slop is crucial. Forget squinting into your macbook to watch a 3min clip of air reverses, whack something that has had some serious thought put into it onto your TV (remember that thing?) and enjoy. Personal preferences obviously apply here but these two at £45 from Watershed would get me fired up for a little twin fin sesh.
Bulldog lock box. When you think about it, stashing the key to your £5,000 Transporter, or even £500 Berlingo, on the wheel of your car whilst you go surfing is one of the stupidest things ever. If I was a car thief I would definitely move to Newquay as we all do it and then spend the whole surf peering up onto the hill at South Fistral to see if it’s still there. I’ve even seen my Dad’s mate do it which means we aren’t going to learn, so please do us a favour and buy us one of these. £34 is definitely less than the insurance excess for having your car stolen.
board_bagBoard Bag. I dinged my brand new board putting it on top of a tuk tuk in Sri Lanka. Real day ruiner. If only I had bought a cheap and cheerful £25 board bag like this one.
First Aid Kit. Chances are you and your surfing partner are getting away this Winter and the chances are your partner’s first aid kit consists of some plasters and a few packets of ibruprofen, so this little gem could be a lifesaver at only £23.
Leash. You can never have too many leashes and these beasts from Beyond are just like top leading brands but a fraction of the price at under £20!
2 for 1 Errant Surf Lesson voucher. Even Kelly Slater has a coach so whether your partner is a newbie or a ripper, help him improve his surfing by buying him the present he most almost wouldn’t buy himself but secretly would love. A 1:1 with a top Errant Surf Coach usually costs £70 for two hours, but this Christmas we are doing a two for one offer so this works out at £35 a lesson. You could also buy this gift for yourself or any friend. Lessons from £20!
Straps. These things literally just disappear and when you’re driving down the A30 with six foamies on your roof held only by one bungee cord which snaps, you will wish you had that spare pair. These ones are less than £20 and are bomb proof. Can’t argue with that.
Bucket. Available from any garden store for around a tenner and absolutely crucial for keeping your car boot stinking of wee and wetsuit boot-junk free.
Wax. Ten blocks of wax including a couple of blocks of basecoat will suffice til Summer.
voucher_watershedSurf Shop Gift Voucher. Watershed in Newquay has got a whole store full of surfing goodness and having an excuse aka a voucher and not real money to go spend in there would be an awesome gift. Support your local surf shop.

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