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California Customer Feedback

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California Customer Feedback

Just got back from Cali and wanted to drop you a quick line.
Bottom line is I had the most amazing week away in California!
I can’t say First Point Malibu is my cup of tea (waaay too crowded and far too many drop-ins) but I got waves elsewhere in North LA County which were right up my street – including an amazing last sess in head high waves at a private access beach near Point Dume, that Carla arranged just before leaving.
Speaking of Carla, she was an absolute legend. She was working her day job Monday to Friday as a substitue teacher in high school, but took the time and made alot of effort to show us around all the spots, give us the inside scoop on where to go, hooking us up with extra boards and checking in to make sure all was going smoothly. I can’t recommmend her highly enough.
Thanks once again.

Errant Surf

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