Contest Surfing – All Change.

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Contest Surfing – All Change.

Two stand-up paddlers take the safety of a deep water channel amidst some large waves

What does the new ASP Rules mean for Pro-Surfing?

Whether you like the new changes to the ASP World Tour or you hate them, the fact of the matter is that they’ve happened and they are here to stay (or at least for now). Lets get one thing straight though, the overall rules haven’t been changed. You still need to win every heat from the Quarter Finals, highest score still wins, priority etc still applies.
Miguel Pupo

What has changed is the Round formats, allowing surfers to jump/skip rounds as they progress through Round 1 and Round 3, leaving the losers of those rounds to fight another day in Round 2 and Round 4 respectively.
Still confused? Let’s get back to school with Surfer Mag…

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