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Corinne's Maldives Diary

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Corinne's Maldives Diary

Day one

A day in Transit.
The day began with an early morning wake up. We where quickly on the road to begin our Surfgirl adventure. We’re flying  out of Gatwick  so we had a long journey ahead of us but we got the tunes blasting out and the time flew bye!
We had enough time to  fit in a grommet lunch and a quick Facebook session; just to make everyone even more jealous.
To be honest I reckon that everyone will be pretty happy that me and Laura won’t have access to Facebook over the next few days. Apparently our count down has been annoying people…..I have no idea why?
So currently I am on my flight just had a little feed and watch a couple of quality movies.
All thats left to do is think about what exciting things I have in store! Our next stop is Dubai, then on the Male, Maldives.
Due to the time we arrive we have to go and spend the day at a luxury hotel and relax by the pool. I am sure I can cope with this. What a nice way to get over my jet lag and work on my base tan for the trip.

Day two

Arriving in paradise
Our arrival in paradise came quickly. I spent the duration of my flight fast as sleeps to wake up to the most amazing view…..the Maldives was a real treate!  I opened my window to gaze up on the jewels of the ocean.  There was something eire about the submerged islands. It was stunning, we couldn’t take our eyes off the waves, pealing rights and lefts realling down the coral reefs. We just wanted to surf straight away.
instead we spent the day in a hotel relaxing by the pool which wasn’t such a bad comprimise!
That evening we got picked up by the boat tour guide Louis and the photographer “Swilly” aka Simon Williams. They whisked us away on a rickety old boat to our home for the next 10 days.
The boat is sick! Me and Miss Crane are sharing a room, we have our own chef, a football table, TV and air con!

Day Three

The surfing commenced!
We had a late wake u today as everyone got to bed pretty late, some even in the early hours of the morning, I shan’t name names though! ha
We where woke up by the lovely Miss Morgan and then take up onto the deck to eat some breakfast! It was a feast. I could defiantly get used to this.
We had a short boat ride to our surfing destination as the swell had come through a lot bigger than they expected, a  lot of options opened up for our first surf in the Maldives.
Louis took us to a left hander called “Boat Yards”. It was fast and barrelling, I knew it was going to be a tricky one. But I had to just go for it.
It took me a while to get used to the waves. Instead of dropping in bottom turning, straight to the top you had to drop in and set a high line.
This was easier said than done. I took a couple of beatings but so did everyone. I managed to get a couple of turns in towards the end but I was pretty gutted with my performance but I knew that it was all a learning curve.
Our first surf was cut short by a strong tropical storm so we rushed back to the boat for another epic feast!
A little nap later and we where back in the water. Still not surfing amazing but it was better than my first one. I just want to go right and do some turns!
Back on Nautilous showered and fed we where ready to get our fishing on!
Laura Crane kicked the whole thing off with a beautiful yet very petite fish which we admired, photographed and then set free. I however decided to catch an EEL!
Of all things the I could of caught, I went and caught an eel! Much to everyones joy! We where freaking out about it for ages, I was huge. I couldn’t even real it in myself. I had to get out guide to help me!
Gwen, Beth, Laura, Gabi and I have all vowed to fish every day! Lets see what other creatures of the sea we can catch…..a tiger shark maybe?

Day Four

Today we where on the move.
We set sail north in the search for more waves as the swell was dyeing.
The journey took us about 3 hours so in this time we all managed to fit in some sunbathing and a good old nap.
Our first surf of the day was on a fun right called “Cokes”. I loved this break. It was such a fun right! I think I got a couple of shots but not 100%.  I still didn’t feel at my best but its all new to me and it is my first boat trip, so I will just take each day as it comes.
There where a few guys in already. To pass the time between the sets we took it up on ourselves to sing. We did renditions of the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys. The men in the water even began requesting songs.
A massive feast later and we where back surfing a left called “Chickens” this was way more manageable but was full of spanish men. Who kept trying to get us all to come for a drink of their boat. They even called us all “Angels”…..really?! I think not!
The light was bad and it got dark quick so we all bailed back the boat for our dinner and a another fishing session. Which turned out the be a total waste of time. We saw nothing but a squid! We have decided that we need to make sure we fish out to sea next time.
We painted swillys nails and made plans to dress Louis up as a beautiful woman then went off to bed.
An early start tomorrow for us girls we want to try and get as many surfs in a possible!

Day Five

Early Surfing!
An early start was had today, we where in the water by about 6:30, the surf was pretty average though and so was the weather. No one was shooting this morning; we all just went for a fun free surf.
The afternoon did bring some sunshine and more fun waves, so we surfed “Chickens again” it was still pretty crowded. I think that this is the place that picks up the most swell. So everyone seemed to have the same idea and all headed to these spots.
Everyone got some fun waves but the older girls where dominating as usual. Its been so good to surf with these guys, there an amazing influence. Just to watch their technique is so helpful.
We did have some fun waves but mine where totally over shadowed by my horrible board rubs. My whole stomach was red raw, I tried putting zinc on them but that just made my wax slippery.
What a pain. Literally.
The evening was fun! Some of the girls went onto the mainland to get some snacks! We had chocolate, crisps, cola and sweets. All things that us athletes shouldn’t be eating but when your stuck on a boat only eating curry, pasta and salad, you kinda want a treat every now and again.
So we all indulged and had an early night ready for hopefully some more fun waves but as the swell is fading fast and theres storms coming I wasn’t holding my breath.

Day Six

We woke up so early today…..for no reason!
Me, Gabi and Laura went for a little wave on the right but it was howling offshore and grey! We where in for a little but all our rubs started hurting again so we waved our boat down and headed back.
Fishing was next on the cards but it was just far to stormy for that, so we watched DVD’s all day and had a few beers.
The party started early before I knew it I was facing my fear of heights and was jumping off the top deck with Gwen Spurlock. It was such an adrenaline rush, I loved it so much I did it a couple more times.
The evening continued with more beer, good food and some amazing dance moves curtsey of Miss Beardmore….her break dancing is all time. We cleared the boat and created a dance floor for everyone to cut their shapes on, we even got the boat boys to join in. They where a little hesitant at first but they where loving it by the end.
It wasn’t a late night because we started early so we where in bed by 11.  I went to bed happy, we had such a fun evening, I felt that we had all really bonded. Everyone was up dancing having the best of times. Asides from the weather and waves we are having the best time, lets just hope this mythical swell actually comes!

Day Seven

Storms in the Maldives….surely not!?
Sadly there was no surfing to be had today. The waves are really small and the wind almost gale force.
We had a leisurely breakfast and then a little sunbathe. Swilly the photographer wanted to shoot some lifestyle on the island which I was really keen to do as I love shooting lifestyle as well as action.
So we took the boat over the island and began exploring. I went over with the boat guide Louis and fellow surfers Sarah Beardmore and Hannah Harding. We each took it in turns to shoot our various products that our sponsors had given us. I was modelling some my my Fox items with my board and then the occasional prop like a beautiful tropical flower. The colours on the island where amazing, so many vibrant houses and walls pathed the streets. The locals where so friendly  and welcoming, I had my photo taken with some of the most beautiful children. It was the most amazing experience for me, I love getting the chance to mix with the locals.
As there where no waves Louis decided to take us for a swim over to a ship reck and get some photos and generally burn off some of our energy.
Now its time to chill out and wait for this swell, I am sure that all I keep saying…….but I am hoping that it actually comes!

Day Eight

I hate Storms!!!!
Waking up at 6am to see rain and wind is not fun at all. After having rubbish weather the last few days I have began to think why did I come here when I can get this kinda of weather at home!
Everyone was on a dower this morning, but after a good breakfast and talk of making a music video everyone soon perked up. The wind died the rain stopped and we hit the surf.
We headed straight to ‘Chickens” which we all attempted to surf, this did not go to plan it was so windy. So we all jumped back in the boat and headed to the rig hander “Cokes” it was actually so much fun. We got some cool duck dive and action shots. A couple of the girls weren’t keen on surfing so headed back to watch DVD’s.
There where some fun pealing rights to be hand.
The girls on this trip are so much fun, every time we hit the water we create a fun atmosphere! I don’t think I have ever laughed so much in the sea. There all legends and I am stoked to be on a trip with them!
Lunch was epic! We got PIZZA!! Everyone was so stoked! So an amazing feed later and a little nap we where ready to hit up the left hander “Chickens.” The wind had changed and the left was super glassy.
At first there where only a few people out but obviously that didn’t last long! Three boats rocked up full of surfers frothing to get amongst the waves! Even though there was a big crowd I still had some of my best lefts of the trip and once again laughed even more! I had such a fun surf and met some really friendly guys too so it was a bonus.
We have waves now all we need in the sun to make an appearance for a decent amount of time…..please!!!!

Day Nine

Sunshine! and Surf!!! Finally
Amazing but the sea lice where on form biting me left right and centre…..not happy!
So we surfed this morning, I didn’t have the best of surfs, it was fun but it was busy and I really didn’t have many waves at all. Very gutting but it happens!
After breakfast we chilled on he boat in the sun whist some of the girls did their lifestyle shoot. It was so good to have the sun one me! I loved it!
We relaxed for most of he day then hit up “Chickens” again which was sadly ruined by the storm that came in quickly. So our surf was cut short. More cups of tea where had until we heard reports of barreling rights and “Cokes” so we went for a quick shred session there which was fun but know barrels, sadly!
Another standard evening on the boat was had; card games  and gossiping followed by an early night.

Day Ten

Dilemma day!
Do we stay or do we go????
The swell was looking a bit iffy where we were so we made the call to head south, which is where we first stared out little adventure. There was a chance we could get some pumping waves with know crowds, so we where all keen to give it a go. The girls and I made ourselves comfortable on the top deck and soaked up the beaming sunshine! The journey was broken up with a quick surf at “Jails” where we had some fun rights but a massive crowd which did put a little downer on things.
Back on board the boat we headed for a next destination. On arrival we thought we where in luck and headed out for a wave at “Boat Yards” it was small and onshore so we bailed quickly and went in search for a fun right. The swell was not on our side!
The right was not breaking so we all relaxed, had a few beers took some photos and got the tunes blazing!

Day Eleven

6am start
Nicole Morgan and I where the first up so we went out on our boat the check the right….no luck what so ever, the swell was not big enough!
A team meeting was called once everyone had risen from their cabins. A decision was made to head back to “Jails” and surf around there for the next 2days.
So as the sun was out we all soaked it up as we set sail again.
The temperature was through the roof today, we all had to keep going for cold showers, we where not used to such intense heat!
“Jails” turned out to be pretty fun, it was 2-3foot clean and not too crowded.
Swilly and I where working on getting some good water shots of me in my C-Skins Rash vest; I think we scored so I am happy about that. Sadly know one was filming as I had a few good waves.
As it was our last evening the guys on the boat cooked up a huge feast, it was delicious, we had the most amazing fish, salads and breads! We all indulged way too much!
My last night on the boat felt quite strange, I am ready to go home but not ready to leave paradise.
Fingers crossed I nail a couple of shots and clips tomorrow, to make this trip worth while.

Day Twelve

Last Day 🙁
So today is the last day of surf for everyone, we needed to make the most of it as there where waves and sunshine!
We headed out at “Jails” again, the current was mental! The tide was not in Swillys favour, he found it really difficult to stay in position and after a couple of attempts he decided to join us for a wave.
The right was going off, I had some of my best surfs at “Jails” its a perfect waves to practice turns on. After a quick feed a little sunbathe we where all ready to hit up for the final time. Swilly was shooting and Louis took his video camera out. I think we all got a couple of waves but it wasn’t anything special. The crowd was big and waves where less consistent. I still loved it though the sun was out and there where waves!
As our day came to an end, a few of the girls chilled on the top deck with a couple of beers whilst our Maldivian feast was being prepared. The bell was rung and the feast commenced.
We all said a massive thanks to the guys on the boat, they had all tired so hard to keep us all happy and they deserved a big thanks.
Our bags where packed and the boat was loaded ready to head back to Male. As Laura, Gabi and I weren’t flying home till tomorrow there wasn’t such a rush for us but everyone else had to fly later that evening. So we all headed to our hotel bar to kill some time before the girls left.

Day Thirteen

The best breakfast ever!
After being woken up in the middle of the night by the fire alarm, which I am glad to say was a false alarm; I could not get back to sleep. So we where up early for a huge feast!
After being on the boat for 10 days and eating the same food for breakfast it was a welcome break to indulge in some 5* food! Pancakes where at the top of my agenda!
Now time to hit the pool for some last Maldivian sun. I took more tourist photo around the hotels private beach and topped up my tan.
Before I knew it though I was packed up for the second time and on the hotel bus heading for the airport.
Now I’m sat on the plane, full of stodgy food and being dried out by the air conditioning loving life!
Next stop is Dubai for a couple of hours then back to the UK which I have heard is grey, raining, windy and cold! Just what I wanted to hear. Never mind!
I have had a epic time, with some amazing people. I have learnt a lot and laughed even more. I will defiantly be coming back as soon as I can.
Thanks Louis at Liquid Destinations and all your crew for making my trip so much fun! Also massive thanks to the legend that is :Swilly”
Now look out for the full article in Surfgirl! It should be pretty entertaining.
Written by Errant rider and explorer Corinne Evans. Corinne would like to thank Fox Europe, C-Skins Wetsuits and Nalu Beads.
If you fancy joining Errant on a Maldives surf charter boat check out our Central Atoll Tours.

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