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Cornish Slab

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Cornish Slab

Most of the UK’s best surf photographers gathered at one Cornish slab for the fabled Big Wednesday swell.
Out in the water, Russ Winter and Oli Adams were towing in while Duncan Scott and a horde of spongers were paddling in with mixed results. The session was one more in a series of attempts to nail the spot, which has so far proved a fickle and difficult beast. Tony Plant and Matt Hawken have been taking surfers such as Mitch Corbett, Oli Adams and Josh Hughes there for a while, resulting mostly in broken boards and bruised bodies, but their attempts have whetted the appetite of the British surf media, who have become obsessed with scoring a cover shot here.
The spot is no secret and has been surfed by Sam Lamiroy, Martin Connolly, Micah Lester and a host of spongers for several years under various pseudonyms and has appeared in CARVE and ThreeSixty, but more recently Plant and Hawken’s attempts have garnered more interest.

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