The Errant Surf Covid-Update

This document will be updated regularly. We kindly ask you to only contact us by phone in case it’s very urgent.

Last updated: Jan. 27th, 2021

We know that we all live in times of uncertainty. However, in order to provide you with some clearity, we’ve created this page to explain you how we treat the different scenario’s that can arise from any covid-related events.

Please note: on any surf holiday page, you will find a box with the title ‘Good to Know’ with either a link to this page OR a description of how our partner goes about with the different scenario’s that can emerge following any covid-related incident.

We distinguish between three different scenario’s:

  • Travel restrictions or closed borders, as a direct result of measures taken by (a) government(s) against the spread of the coronavirus: in this case, you are either not allowed to travel (a code orange or red) by the authorities of the country where you reside or the country you are visiting will not allow you in. In this case, we will happily consider alternative travel dates for you (and potentially your fellow travellers).
  • A positive Covid-test or an obliged quarantine: in case you have tested positive to an official Covid-test or you are obliged to undergo a quarantine as you’ve been in close or direct contact with someone that has tested positive to Covid, you will be entitled to a full refund. We will carry out the refund upon presenting an official positive Covid-test result.
  • The accommodation cannot open its doors to welcome you for whatever reason, you are entitled a full refund

Again, the above solutions only apply in case the accommodation itself does not have any separate Covid conditions, which will be displayed at their own pages at all times.