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The Errant Surf Covid-Update

This document will be updated regularly. Due to a high demand we do our utmost best to answer all incoming calls and in case you do not manage to get hold of us, you can always send us a WhatsApp message through +316 40488347 or get in touch through email (

Last updated: May 04th, 2021

Dear reader,

We’ve got some Good News for you: book a surf holiday now and receive a full refund in case the local situation at your destination will not be safe for you to enjoy your holidays. Scroll over to the best surf holidays and book your trip without any hassle.

How do we deal with COVID-19?

We distinguish between 3 different policies when booking your surf holidays:

  • Free Cancellation
  • Cash Back Guarantee
  • Errant Surf Guarantee

On the pages where you will be reading about the specific surf holiday of your interest, you will find a box towards the bottom of the page, saying ‘Good to Know’. Here’s a paragraph dedicated to the Covid-19 policy of the surf camp of your choice. The Errant Surf Guarantee always applies, potentially in combination with additional policies to your advantage.

When can I cancel my surf holiday free of charge?

A number of surf camps offer a free of charge option to cancelling your surf holiday. In case this applies, this will be displayed in the box Good to Know.

What about the Cash Back Guarantee?

The Cash Back Guarantee assures you a full refund of the total travel sum paid in case of a negative travel advice issued by your local authorities. Different location can go about with this in a different way so please have a look at the Good to Know box.

Errant Surf Guarantee, sounds good! What is it?

Having fun is extremely important during your holidays but safety would even be more essential. Therefore we guarantee you a full refund as soon as the local situation on your destination is not safe for you to enjoy your holiday.

The 3 scenario’s:

We distinguish between three different scenario’s:

  • The local situation on your destination is unsafe for you to enjoy the holiday: this means you will get a full refund.
  • A positive Covid-test or an obliged quarantine: we advise you to get a cancellation insurance. In case you will test positive to the Covid virus just before departing on your surf holiday you might get them to cover your expenses.
  • The accommodation cannot open its doors to welcome you for whatever reason, you are entitled a full refund

PCR-tests and a vaccination passport

It’s possible you will be asked to present a negative PCR-test for your travels. We will do our very best to provide you with the most adequate information as possible – incl. how to obtain such a test on your destination for the way back – if applicable.

We are keeping a close eye on the development of the situation in regards to potential vaccination passports.