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Cross Steppers working at Flowrider

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Cross Steppers working at Flowrider

It was a chilly April day with the threat of snow in the air and I was tasked with heading over to the Retallack resort at Winnards Perch for a bit of celebrity spotting and promotional fun and games. It was the launch of The Loop Flowrider, the first ever standing wave in Cornwall. A standing wave built outdoors for the purpose of learning to surf and improving surfing techniques.
A few of the coaches were familiar faces having helped them get signed onto RIO’s Cross Step program. The guys and girls that were trained up by Chris Thomson at Errant were sought after for employment at the Retallack due to their renowned high standard of training.
Flowrider in Newquay
The Errant trained Cross Steppers who were successful in their quest for employment at the new Flowrider were on top form doing demonstrations and taster rides for all the guests. We were entertained throughout the afternoon with live music, hot drinks courtesy of Origin Coffee and delicious cocktails. The water was cold and the air temperature even colder but the built in hot tub came in useful for all the participants and coaches alike and amateur Flowriders were able to ‘rub shoulders’ with local pros.
The event was a raging success with the sponsors; Quiksilver and Roxy, supplying the wetsuits and the comfy cushions for the event and, who played a major part in the sponsorship of the Flowrider and have lots of knowledge on the technology of the equipment.
By: Hannah “feet” Barattini

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