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Customer Feedback – Morocco

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Customer Feedback – Morocco

The holiday (Hash Point Morocco) was fantastic, and I was very impressed with the way things were run and organised. The instructors were really good; really helped me progress my surfing and everyone was amazed by how much attention and feed-back the surf instructors  were able to give everyone on an individual level.  When the waves weren’t great they would always do the best to ensure we found ourselves in the best possible location even if that involved travelling a bit of a distance. The actual surf lodge was not only really beautiful and relaxing but had an excellent group of people working there which were always happy to help out and made you feel welcome; they did everything they could to ensure you had a good time. It was a surf holiday that I couldn’t fault and have highly recommended the place to other friends that surf; and also those that don’t.
Megan Olwen Williams

Errant Surf

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