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Travel Guide: A Day Trip to Lisbon

Travel Guide Portugal

Travel Guide: A Day Trip to Lisbon

N 38° 44′ 13.56” W 9° 8′ 33.660′

Surfing is great to do in or around Lisbon but this city obviously has so much more to offer. After many visits we’ve listed a number of things you can do when just having one day to visit the capital of Portugal.

The Lisbon Day Trip

Portugal had long since conquered our hearts with its quaint streets, colourful facades, food and not forgetting the climate. Lisbon is no exception here, and as far as we are concerned it is the perfect city to escape the effort of a day spent surfing. There is so much to see in this city and the best way to do that is walking. That brings us right to the first Travel Tip.

Free Walking Tour

A real highlight of  Lisbon are the free walking tours where you will discover the city with locals and a group of visitors. This is the perfect way to visit the nicest places in an informal and authentic way. These tours take you along the famous sights but the strength lies in visiting the authentic places. No one can show that better than a local who has been living in the city for years.

It’s a free tour but since you’ll soon be walking for 2 hours and the Guide is sharing all the ins and outs, a tip will be expected.

Strolling through the typical streets of Lisbon

Visit Barrio Alto

During the walking tour you probably have already discovered the nicest streets. But our favorite is Barrio Alto, in the upper town of Lisbon and the place where you have to be for the entertainment area and the many arty shops. This is a well known neighborhood for the evenings, in the morning and early afternoon most shutters are still closed. By the evening the neighborhood comes to life, this is also the best time to discover the district. Until deep into the night there is (live) music to be heard. Barrio Alto is not a neighborhood to enjoy a quiet drink, the cafés are often small and crowded. Partly because of this, there are many people who just drink their drinks on the street and that is the charm of this neighborhood.

Eating in Lisbon

During a day in Lisbon, of course, we also have to eat and in this respect Lisbon does not disappoint. Because of its location by the sea there are plenty of fish restaurants, and my days is the fish tasty here! Still, the favorite restaurant of SurfaWhile is something completely different, namely a restaurant where you can have your meat cooked at the table.

At Cabaças you get a big steak that you cook yourself on a hot stone. There are also other options on the map, but the streak is one that you shouldn’t skip. It is always busy here which is a good sign, but often you have to wait. It’s really worth the wait and there are plenty of opportunities to have a drink near Cabaças.

Cais do Sobre

This neighbourhood in Lisbon has had a complete make over in 2011. A few years ago it was still a neighborhood full of crime but there is nothing more to be seen nowadays. Especially in the evenings, it is a bustling area with restaurants, bars and clubs that are open until the night. The Pink Street is the focal point of the District and is the place where most people come together. Because this district is located on the waterfront it is also a good alternative to the beach, which is a nice piece outside the city. Also recommended is to go by Ferry to the other side of the river. During this short crossing you will enjoy the view of the city of the water, without having to pay prices for a boat trip.

The language school

These tips from SurfaWhile are a good starting point for a visit of a day or few hours to Lisbon. A fine variation of a surfing holiday in one of the many surfing destinations near Lisbon. Our favorite surf holidays in the area are Gota D’Agua in Caparica and Quinta surfhouse in Ericeira.

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