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Day trip to San Sebastian

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Day trip to San Sebastian

N: 43°19′17″ W: 1°59′8″

San Sebastian is one of SurfaWhile’s favorite surfing destinations, and it’s not just because of the great surfing beaches! This city has so much more to offer in terms of food, culture and history. Many surf camps in the San Sebastian area (incl. the South of France) also offer the opportunity to take a day trip to the city. Exactly for that reason we have made a list of our favorite spots for when you have a few hours to spend in San Sebastian.

Day trip San Sebastian, what to do?

San Sebastian is a relatively small city and most sights can easily be reached on foot. And this alone is an activity in itself, it is wonderful to walk through the old center of the city. Here you will find endless bars, shops and many people on the street! The old center is a good place to start your day, from here you can walk to the first must see!

Monte Urgul

This lookout point is located on the edge of the old center and definitely worth a visit. In the middle of the “mountain” is a statue of Jesus with a little square around it where lots of people hang out a bit and have a drink. From this point you can enjoy the best views that San Sebastian has to offer. Especially during the sunset, where you see the sun disappear behind the famous bay. Take enough water with you, it is quite a walk to the top.

Playa Zurriola

Not the most famous beach in the city, but we think it is the best. This is the surf beach of the city, and surfers can be found in the water at any time of the day. In San Sebastian, the surfing culture has become increasingly prominent in the streets, mostly around this beach. There are also many surf shops, we recommend Pukas surf shop where you can definitely score some cool surf gear! You can find more information about surfing in this beautiful city in our SurfSpot van San Sebastian. In addition to surfing, other water sports such as bodyboarding and kayaking are also done here, which can be a nice break from surfing.

We have also written about the best summer events in San Sebastian, check out the article if you want to find out more about the finest events the city has to offer.

Food in San Sebastian

Perhaps more important than the activities and for many the reason to travel to Spain is the food, San Sebastian is no exception. The food here is incredibly tasty and there are plenty of options to choose from. Starting with a classic that is close to Playa Zurriola.

Bar Zabaleta

This is the place in town to eat a Tortilla de Patata. It is a kind of egg, potato and olive oil omelet with sometimes onion and garlic. It is always busy here so you are not sure of a place in the restaurant. People come from far away to try the best tortilla in town. If it is busy you can also take the Tortilla To-Go and since the restaurant is close to Playa Zurriola this is a perfect place to enjoy it!

Atari Gastrolek

This is one of the many Pintxos bars of San Sebastian and is located in the middle of the old center of the city. Pintxos is a kind of tapas, but on small sandwiches. Often there is a long bar with many different options, you grab what you like and at the end of the bar you pay per Pintxo. Many people take the food and drinks to the square at the basilisk which is next to the bar, super cozy.

Casa Valles

This is the oldest Pintxos bar in town, where pinxtos have seen daylight for the first time; the Gilda. In addition to the Gildas, the Jamon Iberico is also an absolute must try for this bar, it literally melts on your tongue! Last summer Olmo and Thomas were able to enjoy the Gildas and ham when they visited Sheranie who now lives in San Sebastian after having studied Spanish.

The Gildas at Casa Valles 

kutxa kultur

This is not a restaurant but rather a cultural center. In the summer months there is also a Food-market with all kinds of organic delicacies, all fresh and local. It is a kind of hip market, which fits in with the hip character of the building where it is located. In this cultural center there are often exhibitions and exhibitions of local artists!

San Sebastian is the place to explore the spanish lifestyle and because it is a fairly small city, it takes just a few hours to experience this lifestyle! These are SurfaWhile’s favorite places, but who knows, you may discover something better, let us know!

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N: 43°19′17″ W: 1°59′8″ San Sebastian is one of SurfaWhile’s favorite surfing destinations, and it’s not just because of the […]

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