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Dream Boat Trip… in the Canaries?

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Dream Boat Trip… in the Canaries?

The boat trip is every surfers dream, however the dream usually comes with a £2,000 price tag along with a long haul flight to exotic locations such as Bali and The Maldives. So when we started working with The Surf Boat in Fuerteventura, which offers a top notch surf guide/ captain, 7 nights on board the 5 berth yacht, all meals (and beers), use of the Zodiac Boat to get to ‘secret spots’ and return airport transfers for £548, I had to check it out…
After a short 3.5 hour, £60 Ryanair flight, Captain Fufi, greeted us, popped the boards in the back of the van and headed straight to the rugged northern track to this fun high tide spot that would give us enough time to surf before it got dark and we set sail.
That evening we left Corralejo harbour headed for one of the longest right-handers in Europe, Los Lobos. We ate, drank a few beers, got comfortable on board whilst frothing ourselves out watching surf DVD’s, anticipating what the morning would bring.
Alarms went off before sunrise and maybe we got lucky with the perfect reeling rights that we were greeted by, but what wasn’t luck was the fact that we were the first people in the line-up. As we slept in it! This happened the following morning, and the one after that, and every single morning we stayed at this glorious wave. You may think we were on one of those lucky surf trips where it all comes together, but it was actually all down to logistics as the passenger ferries don’t take people over to the island until 8am.

I do want to stress the importance of having some local knowledge out there though and thanks to Fufi I can safely say that it was the best surf trip that I’ve done so far.

Fair enough the crowds did fill up the break around mid-morning, which is when we set sail and surfed ‘Pipeline’ and whatever other waves the Captain thought would be working. I’m not going delve too much as pictures speak louder than words and because my Brazilian Doppelgänger will find me and kill me if we bring any more ‘loco English Guys with Mohawks’ to his favourite wave in the world. Sure you can get a fry up in the afternoon and watch the footy with the rest of the windburnt Brits, but there’s also shelter and the term ‘early bird catches the worm couldn’t be more fitting to this surf-rich island.
So if you’re there for surf and have the right guide you will find some seriously scary/fun waves in the North, maybe get the longest right-hander in Europe all to yourself and if you’re really lucky, take a beating at Europe’s version of Pipeline. I do want to stress the importance of having some local knowledge out there though and thanks to Fufi I can safely say that it was the best surf trip that I’ve done so far.
MASSIVE thanks to the Captain for being an amazing host and passing on his local knowledge respectfully. Thank you to Alex for the great food and thanks to the guys at the reasonably priced bar by the harbour for letting us run up tabs that were accidentally left for days on end whilst we were out to sea. See you all again soon.
The boat costs £2,192 to rent for one week and sleeps up to 5 PAX including 7 Nights on board, all meals, drinks and beers, surf guide and airport transfers. Call us on 02081 336 438 for more information.


Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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