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Travel Guide El Salvador: Worth a visit

Travel Guide El Salvador

Travel Guide El Salvador: Worth a visit

Very simply put: El Salvador is certainly worth a visit because of the following: within a week (you are more than welcome to stay longer, or forever) you can surf, visit most sights across the entire country, enjoy the country’s great food and immerse yourself within the local lifestyle. And the country is very well affordable, enabling you to do anything you’d really want. Read on or scroll down instantly for an example of your itinerary.

The trip you can book through SurfaWhile is something else than any other trips being offered. This is an experience, different than any regular surf camp. Within a week, you will improve your surfing (or learn how to!) and visit exactly the sights you are interested in. At the same time you will meet with travellers from all over the world whom are staying at the same accommodation you are in or in any of the several restaurants and bars around.

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Taco's in El Salvador
Taco’s in El Salvador

Besides your accommodation (shared or private) you will get a number of surf lessons. You can also choose from a number of activities where you will be taken to. Most people go for 3 day-trips, which can even be combined with a surf lesson during the morning. The days you aren’t doing any activity (besides potentially a surf lesson) you can enjoy the facilities of your accommodation, hang out on the beach, visit one of the nearby surf towns or further explore the town of El Tunco.

Day 1:   pick-up from the airport or transportation to your destination (most people opt for El Tunco)

Explore the surf town you are staying and meet fellow travellers and surfers. For food you can follow on of the recommendations of your accommodation or find a place yourself.

Accommodation El Salvador SurfaWhile
Accommodation El Salvador SurfaWhile

Day 2:   Your first surf lesson takes place in the morning. Right after that you will be driven to the Lake Catepeques where you will be having lunch. Additionally you can opt for one of the activities, such as jet skis. After lunch and a stroll around the lake, you will visit one or two Mayan Ruins, Ceren and San Andreas. Both sights have a museum, ensuring you to learn a lot and obtain a better idea of the process of excavating. Before dinner you will be back at your accommodation and you might even head out to one of the bars for a drink and some dancing.

Day 3:   Your second surf lesson will take place. The rest of the day you are free to enjoy.

Sunset Surf El Tunco
Sunset Surf El Tunco

Day 4:   Surf lesson number 3 is up. After this, you will head to La Libertad where you will visit the pier and its fish market. The brand-new food market, with a view across the sea, might be a great option for lunch. You can decide to spend more time in La Libertad, also exploring some of the local shops. The second part of the day you will spend in the capital: San Salvador. Here you will visit the cathedral, one or more churches and the national theatre. You will have several options to try some typical El Salvadorian food while strolling across one of the city’s many squares. Your day will end in El Tunco, where you can have dinner at your favourite local place.

Fish market La Libertad
Sunset Surf El Tunco

Day 5:   Another surf lesson will take place during the morning. You notice that your surf is improving and that you are gaining more and more confidence while being in the Salvadorian waters. The rest of the day is free and you might even give the sunset-surfing a go. Just do not forget to ask someone to take you some photo’s.

Day 6:   Your last surf lesson of the week is taking place. After another amazing session you will drive to Ataco, a great place for lunch and any El Salvadorian souvenir. You will certainly be surprised by all this picturesque village has to offer as it’s certainly worth a visit. On the way back towards El Tunco you will stop over in a place for an amazing cup of coffee. This place also offers a maze, how cool is that?! Your last night in El Tunco will be full of great food, amazing company and a lot of fun.

Day 7:   you will check out of your accommodation and potentially use an airport transfer to make your way back to the airport. In case you would like to travel onwards, or stay in El Salvador for a longer time, you can easily ask our good friend Alejandro or someone from your accommodation to help you planning.

El Zonte Beach
El Zonte Beach


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