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Epic Surf Comes to Bristol

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Epic Surf Comes to Bristol

Rapid progress is being made with the construction works of the new public use surfing facility in the Basque Country. Wavegarden will pump high-quality man-made waves in the Spring of 2012. This facility will be the first in the world focused on surfing at all levels, from beginner to competition.
After nearly six years of intense R&D focused on energy efficiency and customisable waves, this wave generation technology allows for the first ever economically-viable inland wave-sport and lifestyle facilities.
It will mark the first human-generated wave that breaks in natural surroundings with a low environmental impact and an energy consumption average of only 350kwh. The Wavegarden will be both a centre of high performance training for elite surfers, as well as a research site for wave-generating technology.
This new facility will also be in Spain’s Basque Country, in the same location as the Wavegarden prototype. This is a place with beautiful natural surroundings only 12 minutes from the sea, and close to some of the best waves of the Bay of Biscay near the French border. This choice of location further displays the intent of the Wavegarden team to create places with low environmental impact where the water becomes part of its surroundings without harming them. The idea is to keep construction sustainable and to a minimum. This would mean that surfing man-made waves, whilst being different to surfing in the sea, could remain as natural as possible.
The facility balances two functions. On one hand it will be a place for research and development into wave-generating technology and ways of operating a surf-oriented sports/tourist centre. On the other hand, it will be available for public use, catering for the entire spectrum of surfers from beginners to competition level athletes. Among other things, Wavegarden will be a high-performance surf centre equipped with everything necessary for the perfection of your surfing technique. It will also deliver ideal waves for beginning surfers.
And all this in surroundings properly designed so that all surfers and guests can enjoy the spectacle of high quality waves on demand. Wavegarden offers a true business ecosystem, by incorporating exciting recreational, educational, and service related activities revolving around the surfing experience, for all ages and skill levels.
The improved wave will be approximately 1.3m high, breaking simultaneously left and right with clean barreling rides of up to 20 seconds long. This wave height is about 30cm higher than the old prototype, although it is limited by the width of the area on which it is situated. But judging from all the surfers who visited in 2011, there is no doubt whatsoever that the wave will exceed the expectations of all surfers.
Furthermore, the Wavegarden consists of two large areas for initiates where the waves break
smaller and more gently. The wave frequency will be sufficient to have almost continually breaking waves and all with an average energy consumption of only 350kwh. This facility is the first step in beginning the construction of other Wavegardens in different parts of the world. Indeed Wavegarden already has commitments for facilities in the Middle East, Europe and America.
Wavegarden’s partners in Bristol, United Kingdom, have just launched their own press release announcing their ambitious project.
These contracts, along with others that are soon to be confirmed, have come as the result of
the numerous visits that Wavegarden has been receiving since it came onto the market back
in February. In this period of time the machinery has been steadily improved, optimizing reliability and efficiency with minimum maintenance requirements throughout the life of a Wavegarden. At the same time, Wavegarden has created partnerships allowing to establishand run many more of these facilities planned for coming years throughout the world.
All these accomplishments were recently evaluated by the jury of the ISPO BRANDNEW
AWARD 2012. Out of 270 new innovative products being judged Wavegarden has been chosen as the OVERALL WINNER. ISPO is the leading Sports and Business trade show, where you can visit Wavegarden in Hall C2, booth BN27 at the ISPO BRANDNEW Village form January 29th – February 1st, 2012.
Intense R&D will continue to make Wavegarden leader in artificial waves with the minimum consumption, maximum profitability and minimal impact to the enjoyment of surfing anywhere!

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