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Errant On Channel Five

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Errant On Channel Five

In the first episode of “Brighton Beach Patrol”, Brighton’s summer season kicks off with its annual ‘Paddle round the Pier’ festival sponsored by Errant Surf Holidays  and opened by local superstar Fat Boy Slim. Whilst the partygoers compete to float the craziest rafts around Brighton pier, lifeguard Joe watches over proceedings to make sure no one ends up in danger.
Meanwhile, coastguards Des and Ray have another headache on their hands. A rookie paddle-boarder taking part in a 20-mile race is hours behind the rest of the field and the weather is about to turn. Can they locate the missing man before things get nasty?
Elsewhere, as day becomes night, police officers Lou and Rick have their work cut out making sure the city’s drunken visitors behave. The morning after, their colleagues Gill and Dave face their own dramas when they go hunting for a missing person known to be sleeping rough on the streets.
If you are based in the UK you can watch the show right here

Errant Surf

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