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Errant Rider – Sri Lanka Event Update

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Errant Rider – Sri Lanka Event Update

Errant Pro Rider comments on his up and coming trip to Sri Lanka..

I first found out I was going to Sri Lanka whilst coaching at Errant’s ‘La Hosteria’ in northern Spain. Needless to say I was very excited. After visiting India and Bangladesh late last year, I’ve been waiting for the time when I could go back to one of my favourite areas in the world. The sights, smells, food, people and culture are what draw me too Asia. The peaceful temples and gardens contrasting heavily with busy streets and noisy markets make everyday a new adventure.

The reason I am going is too compete in the UK Pro Surf Tour Champions of Champions event. Taking place in Arugam Bay, a perfect peeling right hand point with opportunities for barrels, airs and turns making this a great place for a contest. The town of Arugam has had just as much action as its wave, having been fought over by the Tamil Tigers for years and suffering heavily in the 2004 Tsunami that struck the whole eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

Joining me on the trip is…well…pretty much everyone in the top 32 of the tour, which only means one thing, a great time with mates!

I will be leaving at 12 o’clock sharp on Thursday the 25th of June to make the flight leaving from Heathrow later that evening. In fact, I’m just as excited about the minibus journey as being on a tropical beach, well that’s just me I suppose. Then a nice long flight and I’m hoping my sleeping tablets will kick in nice and early!

Another thing that I’m getting really excited for is the swell prediction, with calling 2.5metres of swell at 18 seconds swell period; it’s going to be boooooming! Better pack that bigger board after all…

Hopefully I will have access to internet throughout the trip so expect more updates, but don’t blame me if I don’t post them until I get back!

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