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Errant Riders Score in N.E. England

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Errant Riders Score in N.E. England

Making the call.
•    3 days
•    1,300 miles
•    3 professional surfers
•    10 Surfboards
•    1 Land Rover
•    1 Jet Ski
•    1 Call
Amazing what can be pulled together in one morning.
Sat at the Errant office last week rumour’s started flying around about a thumping North Sea swell due to hit the next day along the entire length of the North East of England.
We glanced out of the office towards Watergate, only to be greeted by a lame small swell, which was forecasted to stay that way all weekend. That was enough inspiration to load up the truck and drive.
Work was ditched, girlfriends left and plans for mission “Barry Island” put on hold. Driving for hours and crossing multiple counties we scored some of the best waves in England. Camping at the bottom of fields, getting up at first light and surfing until dark.
Errant riders Tom Butler, Mitch Corbett and Josh Hughes surfed hard every waking moment of the day. It’s going to be a big winter for the team, as they prepare for their next two month exploration trip in even colder, heavier waters.

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