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Errant Team Rider Hits Cover of Carve Surf Magazine

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Errant Team Rider Hits Cover of Carve Surf Magazine

Exactly one year today Errant Surf team rider Mitch Corbett was in a coma. He was stable, but in a serious condition with a potentially life threatening head injury. Even if it didn’t kill him no one knew how it would affect his life.
It was a shocking time. Mitch had been on a high after a really good session at 10′s that made the main feature of Carve. Then came the head injury. It hit everyone who knew him hard. The lad has no ego, no enemies and never a bad word to say about anyone. Luckily he has strength. And after a huge fight and a bordeline miraculous recovery he hit the road to rehabilitation with good friend Timmy Boydell at his side.
Fast forward to December 2010. It is exactly a year to the day he was found laying injured in the street and Mitch is in the Asylum surf shop hanging with friends. He is back on form after taking part in another mega session at Evies, a newly discovered slab of a wave. He doesn’t know it yet, but by a strange twist of karmic fate, he has just scored the cover of Carve. It’s his first ever cover shot and this is how he found out.

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