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Errant Works With Barnardos Tour of Schools

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Errant Works With Barnardos Tour of Schools

Errant Works With Barnardos Tour of Schools

The UK’s biggest charity for children, Barnardos recently got in touch with Errant Surf Holidays founder Chris Thomson to see if he could join the team on the South West leg of the “Aspiration in School” tour. The idea is to reach out to school children and openly discuss dreams and goals outside the traditional walls of education.
Schools from all over the south west had been invited to meet up and chat with people from all over the country with interesting stories to tell.
Chris joined Cassie Patten, Olympic medallist in the 2008 games on the Launceston College leg of the tour. The children from primary and secondary schools got to grill Chris and Cassie on aspects from training, starting a business, having dreams, setting goals and overcoming barriers to achieve what they want out of life.
“The questions were great, ranging from “do you still like going to work” to “did you get angry a lot when you fell of your surfboard learning to surf” comments Chris, he adds “At that age you can see how creative young people are, their minds are running wild with energy and enthusiasm. This is a great way for them to chat about their future dreams and look at ways to achieve them.”
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