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The best surf spots in Indonesia, off-season

Surf Guide Indonesia

The best surf spots in Indonesia, off-season

Everyone thinks that the Indo season is coming to an end but au contraire my friend, Indo actually pumps throughout the year so here’s our guide to some of Indo’s top surf regions and breaks for your upcoming trip in the not so “off season” this November to April.

Best surf spots of Indonesia

Indonesia is well-known for its many surf spots. Places like Bali or Lombok are normally way too crowded over the summer-season but off-season you can actually have some amazing surf here.

Surfing in Bali

BEST BREAKS: Uluwatu, Nusa Dua, Keramas, Sanur, Canggu
BALI: Bali is a perfect introduction to Indonesia, as it is home to some of the world’s most beautiful surf spots with a variety of waves to suit everyone.

The best waves in Bali

CANGGU – Canggu Beach with its famous black volcanic sands is a hipster heaven, home to trendy bars, smoothie shacks, crossfit gyms etc, but it is also home to a few super fun beach breaks. On small days (waist to head high) there are waves to suit every one and once the waves reach head high and above, the right hander at the river mouth turns on and can really pack some punch. Likewise with the Sandbar and the left-hand reef break directly in front of the bars. Being a beach break, it is actually fun to surf with a light onshore wind, but not many people get this, so get out there this off season and grab a bargain as well as quiet waves.
ULUWATU – Uluwatu is a well-known tourism destination because of the famous Temple that sits just above the cliff and it was one of the initial lures for surfers to Bali due to its insanely long left hander. In the low season there are about 1/5 of the crowds and the wind / rain can be temperamental but the waves don’t stop and you can get some classic sessions shared with just a handful of others.
NUSA DUA – Nusa Dua is a wave like no other on Bali, you can’t check it from the shore and it is very unpredictable. There are loads of shifting peaks, hitting different parts of the reef and offering bowly sections, long walls, crumbly floater sections, it’s great! At size, it’s pretty thick and sketchy. The rips are pretty strong and it also breaks about 1.5km out to sea, so you need a to get a boat out there or it’s a looooooong paddle back.
SANUR – It’s not just sketchy brothels the bring tourists to Sanur, it also has a classic right hander that breaks fast over a sharp reef for hundreds of metres before closing out into a death section. When Nusa Dua is massive, this is the place to come as it will be half the size and breaking properly. Big tides and big swells are welcome here as it tends to close out less in these conditions.
KERAMAS – This wave is a reason in itself to come to Bali in the off season. It gets all the east coast swell, offers a barrel section, a cutback section, then an air section. It’s a sick intermediate – advanced wave and is offshore all off-season. Best surfed on an incoming high tide. You can enjoy a nice cold Bintang right outside at Kommune Resort after your sessions as well.

Surfing in LOMBOK

BEST BREAKS: Inside Right, Outside Right, Sereweh
LOMBOK: The Island of Lombok is famous for its shallow barreling wave at Desert Point, but the island has more to offer wave-wise than just ‘Desert’s’. The Island is covered in lush green landscape / jungle with paddy fields and coffee plantations all over the place. The vibes are traditionally Indonesian, so if you’re after a slice of true indonesian culture, then come here over Bali. Most waves are accessible by a short boat ride out to the line-up, which is nice.

The best waves in Lombok

GERUPUK  – There are several different spots in Gerupuk all favouring different winds and swell directions meaning there is always a good wave around, even in the off season. Again no one except the Japanese seem to realise this so if you make the journey over to the land lost in time, you could get some seriously fun waves to yourself. Outside Right is the most powerful, Inside Right is incredibly fun with a long sloping rather than barreling waves that can be ridden for 100 or so metres, Inside Left offeres a nice little barrel and Don Dons is an A-Frame that breaks in the same place, every time, perfect for practising manouvres over and over again…
SEREWEH – Now we probably shouldn’t be telling you about this one as it’s pretty much still a secret spot but it works in the off season as it sits on the SE tip of Lombok and those SE swells and Northerly winds can make it a real pleasure. You need a boat to get out to the wave and it can’t really be checked from land so make friends with a local fisherman and pay him to take you out there when it’s on.
This is just a small sample of what’s on offering in the Indo low season so you can see that the waves don’t stop, but the crowds do and you can seriously SCORE. If you have anything to add or any opinions please write in the comment box below.

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