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Europe’s Best Waves for Longboarding

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Europe’s Best Waves for Longboarding

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Europe is as diverse for its surf breaks as it is for its food, culture and languages. But during the Summer when the North Atlantic storms drift away, the surf across the continent tends to decrease in size and many surfers, unashamedly myself included, dust off their longboards and go in search of those classic Summer log sessions.

It’s currently 26 degrees outside, with a perfect 2ft swell being groomed by a light offshore wind and I’m in the office dreaming of gliding into little nuggets wearing nothing but my boardshorts. But instead of writing the morning off to a day dream I’ve put the procrastination to use and have compiled a list of the top longboard waves in Europe for you lovely people.

See you in the lineup some day soon! 

Best waves for Longboarding in the UK

1.Crantock Bay, Newquay. 

Starting with my longboard local and the quiet sister to Fistral in Newquay; Crantock Bay. If you get the chance during the peak of the Summer for a dawnie or sunset surf you will not be disappointed. The UK’s top pro’s are often found sliding around at high tide, alongside the rest of the town, but the waves are so long, the crowds are totally bearable.

2. Skail Bay, Orkney Islands

I haven’t surfed here myself but according to some trusted friends, Skail Bay on the West Coast of Orkney is a classic wide, deep bay with a right hand point break on one side and a left hand point break on the other. During the Summer months don’t expect much darkness as it doesn’t get dark till about midnight and then it is light again at 5am. Perfect surfing conditions.

3. Brandon Bay, Republic of Ireland.

In Ireland there is a real hidden gem for catching those long distant ocean swells. This big crescent shaped bay is a mal riders dream on those late sunset surfs before hitting the pub for a cold Guinness. Ireland is my favourite place to surf, lovely locals, a dramatic coastlines and “refreshingly warm” waves.  Check out this great surf & English language school in Ireland for some summer inspo. 

Best waves for Longboarding in the rest of Europe

4. Grande Plage, Biarritz – France

Home to many past World Longboard events, the Grande Plage in Biarritz is the home of European longboarding. Perfect mal waves cruise in, peeling along a number of sand banks up and down the beach. A cool place to take the van down and hang out. Don’t expect to surf alone during the Summer.

5. Somo Beach, Loredo – Spain

At the end of an overnight ferry from the UK, you can find yourself in the warm waters of Spain and better still head 15 minutes East and you will stumble across Somo Beach, also called Loredo. This awesome little surf spot has three miles of sandbanks ideal for longboarding. It is also home to one of our most popular surf camps.

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6. Ribeira d’iLhas, Ericeira. 

The name may be a handful to pronounce but the long right hand waves are too enticing to just sit and watch. This classic set up in Ericeira, is likened to Bells Beach in Australia. Pack your bags.

Picture by Mylan Rosendaal

7. Lagido, Peniche.

Fancy going left? Lagido in Peniche offers a fun, fast takeoff over rocks before slowing down and rolling towards the beach. The best thing about Lagido, is the fact that if the wind blows onshore, get out walk 300m across the sand spit and surf a super fun beach break which will be offshore.

8. Mundaka, Spain.

Everyone knows about Mundaka in Spain and the long, mind bending lefts it offers. But what about Barbate in Southern Spain? This right hand point break is located just south of Cadiz. A fun summer spot, that gets better and better as the Winter draws in.

What you reckon loggers? Got any to add to this list? Put them in the comments below.

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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