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Surf Guide: Surfing in Spain

Surf Guide Spain

Surf Guide: Surfing in Spain

Who thinks of Spain may think of paella, bullfighting and long balmy nights. Spain has been a very popular holiday destination among Dutch people for many years. The wonderful climate, good food, a vibrant nightlife and a wide cultural offer make Spain a holiday destination that has something for everyone. But as you are used to from us, we will focus on surfing in Spain.

About surfing in Spain

Just like France, Spain has a long Atlantic coastline, which, unlike in France, focuses mainly to the north instead of to the west. In the southwest, between Portugal and the street of Girbraltar, there are also some good surfing destinations. Furthermore, the Canary Islands naturally also belong to Spain, where there are many beaches where you can surf well. However, there are many rocks, so beginners have to look for happiness on the few beaches where lava and reefs are no problem.

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The bay of San Sebastian

History of Surfing in Spain

One of the first real Spanish surfers was Jesus Fiochi. He came into contact with surfing in 1962, in the city of Bayonne (near Biarritz), just across the Spanish-French border. The story goes that he bought a surfboard in Bayonne, but to impress, he scoured the French logo off the surfboard to give the impression that the surfboard came from Australia. Fiochi took his board to Cantabria, making the Sardinero Playa beach near Santander the first real surfing spot in Spain. Soon Fianchi was followed by a large number of other surfers.

Surfing in Spain in a nutshell

  • Surfing conditions: the Atlantic coast of Spain offers world-class surfing conditions. Moreover, there is a very large diversity of surf spots, so surfers can go to any level in Spain.
  • Favorable prices: on the Atlantic coast of Spain, the prices of food, drinks and accommodation are often much lower than in other parts of Europe.
  • Favorable distance: the cities on the Atlantic coast are easy, fast and relatively cheap to reach from the Netherlands and Belgium. This makes Spain an excellent choice for your surfing holiday!
  • Climate: especially in the south of Spain, but also in the Canary Islands, there is a wonderful climate. The weather in places like Cadiz, Tarifa and Corralejo are great all year round.
  • Surfing holiday offer: there are a large number of surf schools, surf camps and surf hostels in Spain. The possibilities are endless. There is always a surfing school that suits you!
  • Food and drink: a surfing holiday in Spain is of course not complete without having tried the local cuisine. Every region has its own delicious specialties.

Surf Camps in Spain

In Spain there are just a lot of surf camps with the majority in the North but not all. You can also find surf camps in the South of Spain, around Cádiz. There’s a lot to say about the different surf camps out there, but we’d advise you to just go and have a look yourself at all surf camps in Spain?

Thomas Oosterhof

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