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Feedback from JLC Sky One show

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Feedback from JLC Sky One show

We couldn’t hesitate to give Feedback on the JLC Sky one show as it was brilliant!! As soon as I told the family about it we all squeezed into the living room to watch it (I think one of the reasons they were so interested was because im doing the surf and Pilates on my own next year and they wanted to see what it was all about lol)
Thought it was really funny and me and Jon could deffinatly understand how JLC felt (especially me…4 years and I finally manage to stand up at last!!) and to learn all that in the amount of time he had was pretty amazing really!
Anyway good work and VERY entertaining to watch!
Hope the surf is treating you all well and depending on when Jon’s uni dates are we might come up for a bit next month so will no doubt see the Errant lot 🙂
Well done again on a great show!
Annie, Jon (and the WHOLE family)

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