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Fuerteventura – Europe's Version of Hawaii

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Fuerteventura – Europe's Version of Hawaii

Fuerteventura is Europe’s surfing equivalent to Hawaii, not because all the waves and locals are massive, but because it is an island paradise with surf suited to all levels, volcanoes that grow out of the ocean and a culturally rich and diverse population.
The majority of the waves do break very fast over shallow reef breaks, offering some great tubes to ride, but there are over 150 beaches to choose from on the island with waves for surfers of all abilities. The island lies 90km off the African coast meaning it’s warm all year round, which combined with its desert-like scenery gives it quite an exotic vibe. Here are a few of my favourite waves:
Los Lobos
Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 16.56.07
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This is the jewel of the crown for me. It’s arguably the longest right-hander in Europe based on the island of Los Lobos, a short ferry ride from the main island. The take-off isn’t too hard, there’s a good wall to whack a few times and then just when you think you know the wave, the super gnarly middle section gets really hollow and you’ll see some of the best surfers getting caught off guard but if you’re quick on your toes you can get the barrel of your life here. It’s usually busy from 10am, when the first passenger ferry arrives, to avoid crowds I’d advise sleeping in the lineup
We had a painfully late/ early flight from Stansted, no sleep and a red wine haze when we arrived to Lobos and I sure enough got a proper beating. Advanced surfers only, this place isn’t to be taken lightly.
Harbour Lefts
Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 16.58.34
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This is a great wave breaking over quite shallow rock. It’s consistent and can be surfed when it’s really small, although this makes it seriously shallow. It is also very surfable throughout the day when the winds pick up and blows onshore, which makes it a popular choice. I found that it breaks nicely for the first couple of turns, then gets fast and can catch you off guard leaving you in a dodgy inside section if you fall, but then it walls up nicely again. Intermediate to advanced surfers only.
El Hierro
Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 17.00.29
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This makes you feel like you’re really surfing somewhere like Hawaii when it’s chunky out there as you can really feel the force of the ocean. The lefts off the main peak are usually best, but there are a few different peaks to choose from. Intermediate to advanced surfers only.
The Bubble
Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 17.02.17
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Fucking terrifying. This wave is owned by the bodyboarders who get seriously barrelled, but there are some incredible surfers who rip it as well. My and Will Jessup thought we had the place dialled after 45mins of cruising, the decided to sit a little deeper to get a proper keg, then got washed up over the reef after a rogue set came through. I have never been so scared in my life.
El Cotillo
Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 17.04.40
(photo via)
This is a brilliant beginner beach break that has peaks all the way up the beach and holds big swell, which makes it the go to place when every where else is maxed out. All abilities.
Most people base themselves in Corralejo, the biggest town on the island which lies on the North East Coast and is surrounded by waves. You can stay here for real cheap but I would highly advise that you charter your own surf boat, checking out the best waves for the conditions, ensuring you are the first ones in the lineup every morning; as you’ll be sleeping in it! This costs from £492 per person.
Fuerteventura is great for beginners during the summer months when the waves are smaller and the perfect Winter trip for the more experienced surfer when the swell from the Atlantic lights up some very special waves indeed. For more information on booking a surfing holiday to Fuerteventura please email us or call us on +44(0)208 133 6438 and talk to a very experience surf trip agent (best job title ever?).
Is Fuerteventura Europe’s Version of Hawaii? You’ll have to find out for yourself…

Hans van Mourik

Co-founder SurfaWhile, ♥️ tech, travel, sports & outdoors.

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