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Gauchos del Mar changing the world by surfing

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Gauchos del Mar changing the world by surfing

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In 2010, brothers Joaquín and Julián took a decision which changed their lives. They were going on ‘just’ a surf-roadtrip from California to their homes in Buenos Aires (Argentina) but along the way, they felt that the lifestyle they had adopted to, could be serving an even bigger goal. And that’s how they found themselves in making movies for the sake of raising awareness on climate change and the pollution of the seas. And their expeditions even serve more goals.

Gauchos del mar surfing
During their travels, the brothers try to do a lot of surfing

From 2 brothers to the Gauchos del Mar

When Julián and Joaquín decided to leave California for a roadtrip, they were already very passionate surfers. They were lucky enough to be the sons of Argentinean parents whom were stoked to surf. From a young age they both were introduced with surf. Over the phone, Joaquín tells me: ‘’my father was surfing in the 60’s with some friends who were the surf-pioneers of Argentina. And my mother was surfing from a young age onward as well – and she is still surfing nowadays’’. Their ‘short-term’ dream (a roadtrip across the entire continent of the Americas, while surfing) turned into a life-dream: surfing in order to change the world.

Gauchos del Mar brother sea
Joaquín and Julián enjoying the sea and its waves

During the first part of this amazing roadtrip, they were called Gauchos del Mar (Cowboys of the Sea in English) because of their lifestyle; surfing and the outdoors lifestyle, including all that comes with it. Their official name made this roadtrip feel even more official. As this was likely to be the only times in their lives they would do such a roadtrip, they found it important to capture as much footage as possible. And even though they did not possess the most expensive or advanced equipment, they still managed to shoot everything in HD-quality.

Making movies for making a change

After being on the road for some months, Julián and Joaquín came up with the idea that the footage they’d captured could well be more than just some ‘holiday-content’. What if they could make a movie out of it…. Joaquín: ‘’we started to think bigger, we felt there was a lot of potential if we could well combine the footage shot with our ideas, beliefs and passion for surfing’’. And so they did.

Gauchos del Mar waves
Beautiful lines of waves during their trip

Their first trip lasted 403 days and resulted in the movie Gauchos del Mar. At the moment they have finished 4 movies (the 3 others are called Peninsula Mitre, Tierra de Patagones and Transcending Waves. To see their movies, visit their website), with all movies being about more than just the surfing-theme. The main values of the Gauchos del Mar are connecting people, protecting the nature, beaches and sea, share experiences and learn about cultures. A great example of that reflection appears in the movie Tierra de Patagones (the Patagonian Land), where Julián and Joaquín are surfing in the very south-eastern tip of Argentinean mainland. Besides incredibly beautiful footage of the scenery, as well as several surfing-images, the brothers inform about the importance to preserve this part of the world (a message that applies for way too many parts of our earth, unfortunately).

Read on after the photo….

Nature & Surf beautifully go hand in hand

Two Argentineans traveling through Africa for a Brazilian tv-show

After the first movies being a great success (with a lot of international attention – Gauchos del Mar has won several international movie awards!) the two brothers found themselves traveling along the beautiful coastlines of Africa. The main reason of this adventure was a Brazilian TV-show where the Gauchos del Mar have starred in 3 seasons (13 episodes per season). When asking Joaquín about the potential ‘rivalry’ between Argentina and Brazil and how easy it would be for Argentinians to star in a Brazilian series, he started laughing instantly. ‘’This rivalry – a very healthy and sportive one – especially appears to be involved with football. Within surfing, everyone is equal, that is something we believe in and so do the Brazilians. The surfing unites us all, and that’s also the beauty of this sport and lifestyle.’’

This amazing trip (which took 22 months in total, divided across 3 separate periods) took them from Spain along the African West coast, around to the East coast, including surfing in Mozambique and Mauritius. And when asking Joaquín for the highlight of this trip he was a bit in doubt. ‘’We have seen so many incredible spots, it’s very hard to choose. However, the stay in Transkei (South Africa) was truly magical. We’ve stayed there for a month while we were treated with the most amazing wildlife, nature and – last but not least – incredible waves.”

Muchas gracias Joaquín and Julián!

Amazing photo’s and video’s can be found at the Instagram Account of #gauchosdelmar

Photo credit: Gauchos del Mar


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