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Good Cornwall Guide @ Errant Surf in Newquay

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Good Cornwall Guide @ Errant Surf in Newquay

“How many days have you been out of the water?” “Three years.” “Oh …” As I slide into a wetsuit at the Errant Surf School, The Fear is kicking in, but there is no way I’m going to let myself flag in front of this team of boys, and frankly I’m itching to get in that water and show them I’m not a completely useless girl-pansy.
Errant is not really your standard grab-a-foamie-and-be-dragged-into-a-wave type of situation, although they do cater for beginner surfers if needs be. Their focus is on the established surfers and those from the realms of elite boarders who need to brush up on their pro skills rather than just washing up on the shore and hoping to look cool. Now I know the basics but you won’t see me holding a world title any time soon. It looks like this’ll be a test of their ability to cater for the non-pros as well as the experts.
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