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Hanna, Ida, Agnes & Hadassa in Ericeira

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Hanna, Ida, Agnes & Hadassa in Ericeira

This are Hanna, Ida, Agnes and Hadassa. They all visited the Surf Village in Ericeira and they were happy to share some of their experiences!

Hanna (from Sweden), is this your first time here at the surf camp in Ericeira?

Yes it is. I decided I wanted to go surfing this summer, instead of just lying on the beach the entire holiday. I found this surf camp online and I am very happy I decided to come here! I travel by myself, but there are many people to meet here, so that is not a problem at all.

Do you think you will stay in touch with the people you met here, including the other 3 girls here?

Yes surely! We might even create a Whatsapp-group.

Ida (from Norway), why did you decide to come to Ericeira?

Well, I already went surfing once before, in a surf camp in Sri Lanka and I found it absolutely amazing! I found out I could also come to Ericeira, and for one week during the summer, this turned out to be a very good option, instead of travelling very far.

Do you like the camp here more than the one in Sri Lanka?

Yes I think so! First of all because now I am in level 2, I already know a little bit how to surf. Also, on the camp here there are fewer people than in Sri Lanka, so it’s more personal! I got to know already soo many people here during this week. I believe that deciding to stay at Camp Moinhos has been a really good decision, as this is quite a small camp.

Agnes (from Sweden), this is the second time you are now here at Camp Lizandro, for activities. Are you happy with the choice you made to stay at Camp Moinhos, and not at Camp Lizandro?

Yes I am very happy. This week we are only 18 people, and besides these three girls, there are many others I met and with whom I have created quite personal contact.

What is the best part until now?

We heard very good stories about the barbecue on Saturday night, which will be tomorrow. Other than that, the surfing and the social part are the best.

Hadassa (from Sweden), how do you cope with not having the pool (at Camp Lizandro there is a pool, but in Camp Moinhos there is no pool)?

We have the largest pool in the world very close by. The ocean is only a couple of minutes walking, so I think we are fine.

How is the surfing going?

It is going well, slowly but solid. This is my first time surfing and I like it a lot! Surely this will not be my last time in a surf camp. I already started considering a destination like Costa Rica for next year.

What is for you the best part, besides surfing?

This camp is honestly a great option when travelling alone. There is the surfing and there are loads of activities you can take part in, so you never need to be alone. However, there is sufficient space to be for yourself, in case you would like to. Also you find many others also travelling alone, so everyone is really up for meeting new people.

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