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You’ve booked the trip of a lifetime to Indo, but before you jet off here at Errant HQ we’ve compiled a pre-departure everything you need to know guide


Currency = Indonesian Rupiah (IDRP)
Language = Bahasa Indonesia however English is widely spoken
Tipping = Considered part of the Salary. 10% is the general rule
Time difference = GMT+7


First things first, before you go anywhere you need flights. Our Errant holidays do not include flights, as many of our Riders continue their travels afterwards, or may already be mid-travels when they start their Adventure. Therefore we think it is better for you to organise flights that suit your needs and fit in with your travel plans.
Flights to Indo generally leave from London Heathrow (for those travelling from the UK) and cost anywhere between £450 and £750.
For Bali you will need to fly into Denpasar (DPS)
Cheap flights can be organised independently through an STA Travel shop or online. Alternately we would recommend comparing prices with:

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Etihad Airlines
  • British Airways (6ft board bag or under included)
  • Qatar Airlines
  • Emirates (board carriage included in price)
  • KLM


Now that you’ve booked your trip and flights, you want to make sure the only bug you catch abroad is the travel one. Before leaving for Indo it is very important that you visit your local GP or travel surgery (even if you have previously been travelling you may need different jabs). Simply tell them where you are going and they will know what vaccinations you need. We strongly recommend you do this 3 – 4 Weeks before you leave.
For more info go to:
Fit for
The World Health


As with any trip abroad it is important you have comprehensive travel insurance prior to departure. Make sure the policy you buy covers you for action sports as well as insuring your board against any damage, both on the flight and in the barrel.
We have had good experience with World Nomads in the past and it is also one of the best priced. They are a web-based company and policies can be booked online at Alternatively you can also give them a call on (UK) 01702 427 219. We would recommend your insurance covers you for a few days either side of your trip in case of any delays etc. If you have already got annual travel insurance cover, make sure that you check the duration clause in this, as many policies have a 30 days or 6 week maximum.


Unlike many other countries, you do not need to apply for a visa prior to departure for Indonesia (when flying from the UK). Indonesian immigration issues a 30-day holiday visa on arrival, this will cost around £20.  If you wish to extend this visa you will have to leave the country and re-enter. 60 day visas can be applied for prior to departure. You will need to make sure you have at least 1 clear page in your passport for the visa. A valid credit card can be used to show proof of funds if requested. Holiday visas are only issued on the grounds that you have proof of return/onward travel out of Indonesia.
N.B. You will need to keep approx 200,000 IDRP (£10) cash to pay departure Tax when you leave


Living costs in Indo are preeettty cheap. However, it’s difficult to give and exact figure as costs vary between places and depending on personal preferences. As a vague outline, you can get a hearty portion of local food for as little as £1, decent western dishes start from about £3-4 but can go up to as much as £20. A small bottle of Bintang (the local beer) will cost you about as much as a bottle of water, prices can start form as little as 70p, but are more expensive in more popular or touristy areas. While beer is cheap, for the wine drinkers among you this can be a more pricey lifestyle. Basically it depends on what you like and how much you want to spend.
If you fancy hiring your own mode of transport to explore the local area you will need to be in possession of an international Driver’s License. Mopeds can be hired for as little as £3 for the day, and the cost of hiring a car can range from £15 to £140 per day, depending on the year and model of car.
Finally, we would recommend taking some spending money as cash, for the first day or two. After this it is a good idea to have a pre-paid traveler’s card/cash passport (available at STA Travel, the Post Office and Travelex), this means you will not be charged for withdrawing money abroad, yet you still have the convenience of withdrawing money from an ATM when you need it. This way if you run out of money on your card, it can be topped up from your bank account as easy as sending a text/sms, just in case you reaaaalllly need to add another board to your quiver.

Anndddd…..that’s all for now folks. You’re ready to rip, now go shred some waves Indo style
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