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Heavy Water – from helicopter to big waves

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Heavy Water – from helicopter to big waves

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Heavy Water is a surf film about the live of Nathan Fletcher. Nathan was part of a revolutionary surf family and has always been seeking innovation within the surf sport. This journey takes you from jumping half pipes to jumping out of a helicopter, on top of one of Hawaii’s largest waves. The story has several highlights but also reflects on the danger of surfing, and the tragedies it can lead to.

Heavy Water – 2019’s best surf movie

Nathan Fletcher (1975) is one of the largest adrenaline-seekers this world has seen. He just always wanted waves to be bigger and forces to be larger. He grew up surfing and skating around San Clemente, California. Rather early he had developed a huge passion for jumping, any kind of jumps. The movie beautifully pictures how this passion developed from a half pipe, while skating, to the waves. Jumping off cliffs, right onto the waves, was something special. However, it still didn’t satisfy his adrenaline rushes enough. It had to be bigger, it had to be more intensive. 

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Heavy Water movie review SurfaWhile3
Nathan Fletcher Surfs in Hawaii on April 21.2017
Heavy Water movie review SurfaWhile2
Nathan Fletcher Surfs in Hawaii on April 21.2017

As the film shows several images of family moments of the Fletcher’s in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, it comes clear how Nathan’s father Herbie and brother Christian were innovators within the surfing community. These unique portraits add a lot of sensitivity to the entire picture which is drawn from Nathan.

Thorough insight

The film, produced by Red Bull Media House provides an exclusive insight into Nathan’s life, including all that happened around him. This is about the people that influenced him, about friendships and surf buddies. There is an example how a lifelong bond was formed after the dramatic scenes where a surf buddy’s life was literally saved by Nathan. Another impact-full moment was the story of Nathan Fletcher being the first person to encounter the body of Sion Milosky, who tragically lost his life surfing Mavericks.

Other people featured in the film – being close relatives of Nathan – whom sadly aren’t with us anymore include Jay Adams and surfer Kirk Passmore. The film beautifully depicts the influence these catastrophes had on Nathan, as well as the entire surf community.

Surfing in Tahiti

The viewer gets an in-depth idea of the impact Tahiti – Teahupoo in particular – has had on Nathan. In ’99, Nathan celebrated one of his biggest victories on the dreaded waves out in the Pacific. When coming back about 12 years later, he surfed the ride of his life, enabling Brian Bielmann to capture the shot of his life. These imagines and videos alone are already classifying this movie worth the watch. And it’s this combination of emotions, a real-life story of a great surfer and person and all the amazing surf pictures being shown that make this movie the greatest of the year (about surfing).

Visit Heavy Water yourself, but do not wait too long

People that still might be interested in seeing this film rather hurry up. Within 2019, the movie is still being showed a number of times, in the United States, Europe and Australia. Red Bull has all the details and time tables.

Photo credit: Hank Foto and Brian Bielmann


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