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Hidden Spanish Gems

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Hidden Spanish Gems

Northern Spain has over the years been a hidden gem for surf travellers. Tucked between the busy beaches of Hossegor and Biarritz in South West France and the Wild West coast of Portugal, Northern Spain has gone about business at its own pace.
The endless miles of golden sandy bays, small inlets and islands ensure this area of Europe has some of the best surfing conditions in the world. What is really stunning about the surfing area around Northern Spain is the vast amount of waves for all levels.

Surfing in Spain

Even the local council Ribamontan al Mar, has allocated 2.7 million euros to make sure that surf tourism is handled in such away to encourage people to come surfing along its coastline, but maintain low key charm that surfing in Northern Spain has.
With the surf tourism project just signed off, Luis Cayon, director of the project told Errant Surf Holidays that the investment will cover many different projects.  From a designated camper van park for surfers, with a skate park and surf museum in the area of Loredo and Somo. Better lifeguard patrols, and access to beaches without spoiling the sand dunes has also been signed off.
Surfing Holidays in Spain
Money will also be allocated to a one stop Casa de Surf “surf house”, which will be a place for travelling surfers to stop off hire equipment, check out the local spots, check the internet, find places to stay and grab something to eat.
Surf tourism is set to help the local economy of Ribamontan al Mar which has been heavily dependent on national tourism from big cities such as Bilbao and Madrid.
You can fly into Santander from Dublin and London with Ryan Air. In 2010 you can also access the surf by ferry from Portsmouth or Plymouth with Brittany Ferries.
Errant Surf Holidays run a stunning villa, surf school and bar 200m from the surf at Loredo.
Church of Latas, Loredo

Errant Surf

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