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Dreamsea Surf Camp Alentejo, Portugal

Hidden deep below the canopy of the Alentejo forest, tucked in among the sand dunes is a sanctuary for surfers and hippies alike, The Dreamsea Surf Camp Alentejo. The surfer atmosphere and lifestyle of Pura Vida is possibly at its strongest here , outside of Costa Rica of course. This camp is inarguable one of Portugal's best surfing holidays. Its location on a cliff top overlooking the beaches and ocean whilst being consumed by the forest makes this am unbeatable natural landscape. Come stay and surf with the surfer dudes and dudettes of Portugal at the place were the land meets the sea.... Dreamsea Alentejo.
Dreamsea Alentejo is a true melting pot of people from all over the world. Dreamsea organised the week's activities to promote socializing among all guests of the camp. Excellent dinners, exciting excursions to historical sports around the city and a lively beach bar to watch the sun go down after a long day's surf.....what could be better? This is certainly the place to be if you want to surf Portugal in style.
What Errant likes about this surfing holiday?
  • The best surf vibe and bohemian feeling
  • Local surf camp with international character
  • Unique activities and special excursions
  • Close proximity to beach & beach bar

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About the Dreamsea Surf Camp Alentejo, Portugal

What to expect during this surfing holiday?

7 nights stay in unique Tipi - Tent
Experience Great Local Cuisine
Surf equipment included

Several fun excursions
An authentic and relaxing surf vibe
Airport Transfer Optional

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In comparison to a lot of other surfing holidays, it really does not get much nicer or special than this. No matter what spot of the camp you are in, you are always in close proximity ocean below and are always encased in the forest that surrounds the camp. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves breaking on the cliffs below and wind rustling the leaves above your Tipi. In the evenings, the whole camp turns crimson in the golden sunset.

Where will you be waking up? Options:

  • Glamping: Spacious and clean tipi tents that are equipped with a great quality double bed (or two separate beds, an additional third bed can be requested). Uniquely in comparison to the general surf camp trend, the beds come pre-made with beautiful bedding and a bottle of wine waiting for you upon arrival. Towels are supplied.
  • Shared Accommodation: suitable for up to 3 people, these tents are designed to be shared among a group or a selection of solo travelers. The classification as to who goes in which tent is based upon age, gender and language.
  • Glamping Plus: looking to add that little something extra to your trip? Glamping plus is Dreamsea’s most luxurious camping style at any surf camp. It is an equally spacious teepee in the most remote and secluded part of the camp with its own terrace outside of the Tipi. From here you can sit and look over the cliff side views at the ocean below (ocean views cannot always be guaranteed) .


The real advantage to the this surfing holiday  is that the camp is located right above the beautiful beach that your lessons will be given on. This removes the annoyance of a long walk to the beach carrying all your gear. Additionally, the surf conditions in the area are perfect for beginners

  • Surfing Packages:
    • 10 hours of surfing lessons per week + use of surf equipment
    • Only use surf equipment.
    • If you go for the 10 hour surf lesson, you also have enough time to surf freely yourself. The lessons are recommended for surfers of all levels.
  • Surf materials:  the use of surf material (surfboard & wet suits) are included in the price of the stay.


Not only is this surfing holiday perfect for a relaxing week doing nothing, it is also the perfect base to explore the biggest city in Portugal as well as lots of other cool activities:

Lisbon: This excursion is organised once a week and is truly a unique opportunity to explore a city of world importance. You go by bus with the rest of the group to this city of culinary excellence. The city visit is optional but you really shouldn’t miss out.

Yoga: This  is a wonderful way to give your muscles the recovery and therapy that it really needs. Yoga is the perfect partner for surfing as it unwinds all the muscles you have spent hours tensing trying to stand up on the board. You can book a Yoga Package for 3 or 5 hours of lessons.

Chill the Dreamsea way: Numerous other options are available during the week so you will  not be bored for a second. Dreamsea Code is ‘Anything is possible, Nothing is Required’ so feel free to park yourself with a good book somewhere sunny and read the world away.

Food & Drinks

Dreamsea is world renowned for its excellent food quality. You will receive 3 full meals a day. In the morning there is a massive and varied buffet. You can use these ingredients to prepare yourself a wrapped pack lunch to take to the beach. This is great as you wont have to move to get food after surfing a hard session. Dreamsea takes meals times as an opportunity to showcase the local produce of Portugal, giving you a taste for what this wonderful country is all about. Dreamsea Plus meals are in a whole other world of there own, they include 3 courses and you can watch the cooking happen right in front of you !

  • Dietary Requirements: It is not a problem if you have any dietary requirements. Just inform the camp manager when you arrive. For those who have more obscure allergies, please let us know before you leave for your trip so we can make sure the camp is prepared.

Outside the surf camp

Alentejo is a relatively remote part of the Portuguese coast meaning there isn’t the typical infrastructure for  a crazy nightlife scene. However, there is more than enough opportunities to party with friends or fellow guest at the camp until a pre-established hour. There is also a great beach bar bellow the camp that acts as an epicenter for the camps social life. Partying is always optional around the camp but around 23;00, the camp must be quiet.


    WiFi (free) Washing machine Skate ramp Skateboard Swimming pool Coffee/tea Beds made Breakfast Lunch Dinner Table tennis


Transfer: Pick up can be arranged from Lisbon. You can also travel by train to Grandola to be picked up there.

  • Lisbon Airport pick-up times: 10:30 am, 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm and a final transfer will be arranged for guests who arrive last
  • Departure times from the surf camp (count on at least 2 hours travel time): 07:15, 11:15, 15:15 (there is also a transfer if people have to leave before the first transfer)
  • From Grandola you can be picked up all day long. This is coordinated with the other transfers, so you may also have to wait here.

Practical information

Check-in: Saturday from 3:00 pm . If you arrive before this time then you can easily arrange to leave your bags at the camp reception untill it opens, allowing you to explore. Arrival before 6pm is best so you dont miss the induction meeting.

Check-out: on Saturday . You must check out by 11:00 on a Saturday morning

  • Arrival:  arrival is on Saturday, and you will leave the surf camp one or two weeks later.
  • PIN and credit card:  in the surf camp you can pin with a debit card (maestro) or with a credit card (Mastercard or Visa).
  • Wifi:  moderate WiFi is available in the bar at the campsite.

Dates & Prices

Price overview

The prices below are the prices per person per week. The rates are determined based on the arrival date.

Arrival Day1 Person Shared 1 Person Glamping2 People Glamping1 Person Glamping Plus
23-05-2020€269€429€ 658€ 529
30-05-2020 to 06-06-2020€299€459€ 718€ 559
13-06-2020 to 20-06-2020€329€489€ 778€ 589
27-06-2020 to 29-08-2020€369€529€ 858€ 629
05-09-2020 to 19-09-2020€329€489€ 778€ 589
26-09-2020 to 03-10-2020€269€429€658€529

We request a one-off contribution of € 15,- per booking for the benefit of the guarantee fund GGTO . See the "included" tab below for an overview of the basic package and any additional options.

What is is/not included?

IncludedNot Included
Accommodating & Stay in a beautiful and comfortable bedSurf Lessons ( see add ons)
3 meals per dayYoga ( see add-ons)
Unlimited usage of surf materialsAlcoholic & Soft Drinks
Camp activities Some Activities.
Coffee, tea, water


Add OnsPrice
10 hours surf lessons per week€ 120,-
5 hours surf lessons per week€ 45,-
3 x yoga sessions per week€ 30


Airport Transfer Lisbon (Return)€ 70
Airport transfer Lisbon (One Way) € 35
Pick- Up Grandola train station ( One Way) € 5


4.2 / 5 - 193 reviews

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