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Dreamsea Surf Camp Tocha, Portugal

Tocha is the secret gem of Portugal's northern beaches. It is an authentic and remote Portuguese fishing town with a rustic character and plenty of world class surf spots. The beaches in this region are extremely wide with a very limited amount of tourists and surfers on them, this means the waters are almost never too busy. Quiet beaches = The best places for beginner surfers to learn. This camp is surrounded by beautiful woodland and has a peaceful and slow pace vibe to it.
Crisp white teepee's with big lavish double beds surround the Dreamsea Surf Bar, making Dreamsea Tocha instantly feel like a small community or outpost of surfers. Yoga lessons are given surrounded by the woodland and the sounds of the ocean. Yet, potentially the most epic part of all Dreamsea adventures is the food, sourced from local producers and cooked to perfection by in house chefs.
What Errant likes about this surfing holiday?
  • Surf on peaceful beaches
  • Accommodation right next to beach
  • Excellent wave's and surf spots
  • Yoga, Great food and Socializing

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About the Dreamsea Surf Camp Tocha, Portugal

What to expect during this surfing holiday?

7 nights stay Tipi tent
Great food included
All surf equipment is provided

Several fun activities
A real surf-vibe
Airport transfer available

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Dreamsea has really excelled itself when creating the legendary Tocha camp. They have clearly taken the attributes from there other locations and adapted it to be at its best for the Tocha atmosphere.  The meals are prepared to perfection and the variety and presentation of the food is of an otherworldly status. The types of guests that come to Dreamsea Tocha can not be identified as easily as there is often such a broad variety of people that flock here. A harmonious mix of ages, nationalities and backgrounds makes this a really special camp. Accommodation Options:

  • Glamping: private tents for 1 to 3 people. These Tipi’s are beautiful designed and masterfully constructed with enough room inside to stand up and walk freely. In the Glamping section there are 10 tents with double beds. A perfect place to lay ones head after an exhausting and exciting day of surfing and falling. Towels & bedding are included.
  • Shared Stay: If you are a solo traveler or a duo of friends then you can opt for a shared Tipi for 3 or 4 people. The tents can still fit all of you with room for luggage and living space. Less luxurious but more cost effective, this option is great for meeting new people. The camp will take into account age, gender and language when pairing solo travelers up.



The beaches of Tocha are some of the best for beginner surfers due to the wide and quite nature of them. The fact that they are never overcrowded means that there is never a rush or any pressure to rotate in and out of the line up with other camps. The surf lessons are offered in a variety of packages:

  • Surfing Holiday Package: you can choose from the following surf packages,
    • 10 hours of surfing lessons per week + use of surf equipment
    • 15 hours of surf lessons per week + use of surf equipment
    • Only use surf equipment

    – Surfing equipment is included for all guests. There are also boards that are only used for free surfing and they are usually available.


Praia da Tocha:  The local town is a typical Portuguese coastal town, near Coimbra. There is a lot of stuff to do at the camp, however should you get bored then you can always wander down into the local town as there is also plenty to do in the village.

Yoga: You can book a 3 hour or 5 hour Yoga package for the duration of your stay. Yoga is the perfect way to unwind and relax the muscles that you’ve tenses all day standing on a surf board. Book a package and you’ll be in downward dog in no time.

City Trip: Once a week Dreamsea will organise an excursion to a nearby city so you can properly sample the culture of Portugal. Together with the other guest of Tocha you will travel to Porto or Coimbra. This visit is optional however we would urge you not to miss it as there is so much to see!

Food & Drinks

Own Transport: One of the best ways to reach the more remote area of Tocha is in your own car. There are plenty of options for free parking once you arrive. We would also suggest that if you are flying that you look into hiring a car as the area around Dreamsea Tocha is worth exploring independently.

Transfer: Dreamsea Tocha does offer a transfer system from Coimbra Train station all day long on Saturday’s. If you are flying to Porto then we suggest that you take a train from there to Coimbra. Book your train ticket in advance, it gets booked quick!

Outside the surf camp

Nightlife is by no means a primary reason to travel to Tocha. There is not so much of the typical nightlife infrastructure such as nightclubs. However, the epicenter of all entertainment really is the camp itself. A bar is located on camp for all evening events. However you can also walk down into the local town of Tocha were you will find a variety of smaller places such as a few bars. When in doubt head to the beach!


    Free parking Family friendly Skate ramp Skateboard Coffee/tea Beds made Breakfast Lunch Dinner Table tennis



  • Parque de Campismo da Praia da Tocha
  • Rua dos Pescadores
  • Rua Nossa Senhora Da Tocha
  • 3060-391 Tocha, Portugal

For more information about the options for transport to this accommodation, see the ‘transport’ tab.

Practical information

Check-in: Saturday from 2:00 pm

Check-out:  check -out is also on Saturday. You must check out by 11:00 on a Saturday morning

  • Arrival:  arrival is on Saturday, and you will leave the surf camp one or two weeks later.
  • Pins and credit card: in Tocha you can only pay with a limited amount of money, which is handy in cash. You can pay with a pin at the surf camp.
  • Wifi:  moderate WiFi is available in the camping bar at the campsite. In the neighborhood there are a number of bars with WiFi.

Dates & Prices

Price overview

The prices below are the prices per person per week. The rates are determined based on the arrival date.

Arrival Day1 person shared1 person private2 people private
06-06-2020€ 259€ 429€ 658
13-06-2020 to 20-06-2020€ 309€ 479€ 758
27-06-2020 to 29-08-2020€ 359€ 529€ 858
05-09-2020 to 19-09-2020€ 309€ 479€ 758

We request a one-off contribution of € 15,- per booking for the benefit of the guarantee fund GGTO . See the "included" tab below for an overview of the basic package and any additional options.

What is is/not included?

Included Not Included
Accommodation and stay Surf Lessons (see add ons)
3 meals per dayYoga (see add on's)
Unlimited usage of all surf materials Transportation to the surf camp ( see add ons)
Activities at the camp City Excursions
Coffee, tea, water Alcohol + Soft drinks


Add Ons Price
10 hours of surf lessons per week€ 120
15 hours of surf lessons per week€ 150
5 yoga sessions per week€ 45
3 yoga sessions per week€ 30


Pick up at train station Coimbra ( One Way)€ 10
Pick up at Porto Airport - per taxi for 4 people€ 140


5 / 5 - 5 reviews

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